Get to Know the New

Our web portal to the world has recently undergone some fairly radical cosmetic and structural surgery and we are very proud to welcome to the internet the brand new! Replacing the hamster wheels and steam-driven cogs that ran the now retired, the new site is a dynamic, responsive, one stop shop for everything you could ever want to know about our brands, games, services, jobs, teams… basically everything Ubisoft.

All New Brand Pages

The old product pages are gone and in their place a sleek new design that takes advantage of some of the gorgeous visuals we have on offer in our games. For instance, hello Pagan Min…

The new design has also made it much easier to access a whole lot of other cool content about our games – simply scroll down the page to find links to trailers, screenshots, release date info and, of course, details about other games from our franchises. In addition, there are buttons and links connecting you to our forums, the support pages and Uplay so you can have a fully integrated adventure wherever you are on the site.

Responsive Design

One of the key things the team wanted to nail with the new site was mobile integration and responsive design. And FYI, they totally did. The website works seamlessly on every device, and we truly mean that; no flash driven carousels on this site!

More than just delivering the basics, the site is built to showcase the full experience regardless of the device you’re on. So you can scroll through our latest releases, check on the latest news from your favorite franchises, look for a job and even check out our studios directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC, Xbox, PlayStation… basically anything you can use to get online.

Revamped Search Engine

Another important focus for the team when rebuilding the site was ease of navigation, which means an easy to use and powerful search engine. The reworked search functionality of the site allows you to scroll through and search for games by category, platform or genre, giving you quick and easy access to our back catalogue with just one click. Along with this improved interface, the keyword search has been dramatically improved.

Careers Section

One of the things we get asked most is How can I get a job at Ubisoft? It’s a great question and now we’ve got the answer:! The evolution of the careers section is something our teams have been working on for the last few months, adding more info about the positions we offer, talking more about our programs and making it easier for you to find out why Ubisoft is such a great place to work.


You can read through the job profiles section and learn more about what our talented teams do on a daily basis, check out the world map and our 33 offices and studios, and, of course, see all the jobs we have on offer! This is only the beginning, the team will be adding more info, profiles and jobs, so be sure to check back for more on how you can Make Your Mark with Ubisoft.

While you’re checking out the careers section, you may find yourself looking over our interactive world map, planning your next big career move and imagining what some of these exotic locations might be like to work at. Well you don’t have to imagine what these places might be like, click on the locations and take a look for yourself!

Our studios and offices have built their own pages, which show off what life at Ubisoft is all about. They give you a run through of all the projects that the teams are working on both past and present, show off some of the beautiful surrounds and most importantly introduce you directly to our recruiters! You can find contact information, social media links and all kinds of goodies to help you connect with Ubisoft.

Stay tuned because there are plenty of new features that will be rolling out over the next few months including events, live walls and a whole lot more.