MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack Available Now!

The MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack is now available! This bundle gets you access to MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY and MONOPOLY Deal – three unique, new takes on the familiar franchise. Grab the retail or digital version for $29.99 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. MONOPOLY Plus can be purchased as a standalone game on the Xbox One for $14.99. More versions will be available to download on the PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. See MONOPOLY Plus in action in the launch trailer below.

Play MONOPOLY on a 3D board (or a 2D board, if you prefer) in MONOPOLY Plus, or play My MONOPOLY to play the game on your own custom board. Name the streets and personalize your board, set your own rules, and play in groups of up to six people to get the party going. If you’re playing on the PS4 or the Xbox One, you can use the Smartglass or PlayStation Application functionalities to navigate through the game and monitor your progress on a second screen.

MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack

Try out MONOPOLY Deal for an all-new take on the beloved franchise. MONOPOLY Deal is a fast-paced card game mode. Compete against your friends and play Forced Deal, Debt Collector and Deal Breaker cards in order to be the first player to complete three property sets of different colors. MONOPOLY Deal will be downloadable as a standalone later this year.

MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack is the first addition the Hasbro Game Channel, the home of your favorite next-gen Hasbro board games. More brands will be added to the Hasbro Game Channel later this year.

MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack

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Monopoly Family Fun Pack Coming Soon!

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MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack

Monopoly Family Fun Pack

Monopoly Family Fun Pack

Release date — Holiday 2014
Developer — Asobo Studio
MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack features an exclusive MONOPOLY game bundle for players to enjoy a modern twist to the well-known franchise. The pack includes MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY – an extension of MONOPOLY Plus that allows players to customize the classic and 3D boards, and MONOPOLY Deal – the delightfully addictive card game where your luck can change in an instant.

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