Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Available Now

Mario, Luigi, and a host of screaming Rabbids meet on turn-based battlefields today, as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle launches on Nintendo Switch. Putting a unique spin on strategy RPGs, the game brings together eight heroes – Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and their four friendly Rabbid doppelgangers – in a fight to restore order after a dimensional mishap twists the Mushroom Kingdom and fills it with BWAAAHH-ing Rabbids.

Encouraging players to use cover and outflank their enemies, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle lets you control and customize a team of three heroes, equip them with whimsical energy weapons, and send them into battlefields filled with warp pipes, chain chomps, and other Mario staples. Movement is key, as Mario and friends can slide into enemies to deal damage, or perform team jumps to leap high into the air and travel farther across the battlefield. Every hero has unique weapons, abilities, and uses, and discovering them all is a big part of the fun.


In addition to its single-player campaign, you can strategize alongside a friend in co-op battles, with each of you bringing a team of two heroes to the battle and coordinating across a unique set of maps. And if you’ve got a season pass – available from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 – you’ll get immediate access to eight steampunk weapons at launch. You’ll also be able to play new solo challenges and co-op maps this fall, as well as new story content that will launch in 2018. For more, be sure to check out our previous Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle coverage.