Just Dance Now Release Date Revealed

Sometimes we just get the urge to dance. With Just Dance Now, you can bring the party with you wherever you go. Dance when you want, where you want, with whomever you want. Access hundreds of songs from the Just Dance catalogue through an innovative downloadable app on your phone. On September 25, your phone will become the controller in Just Dance Now and you’ll be able to play music and gameplay footage through any internet connected screen. See Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance Now in action in the worldwide reveal trailer.

“We’re taking bold steps this year by developing the most interactive console game yet with Just Dance 2015, and bringing the Just Dance experience to smartphones with Just Dance Now,” said Jason Altman, executive producer. “Expanding into mobile allows us to reach any Just Dance fan in any setting with the potential to reach millions of additional players.”

Playing Just Dance Now is as easy as taking these three steps:

    Download the free Just Dance Now app on your iPhone, iPod touch or Android device.

    Visit justdancenow.com on your computer or any Internet-connected screen.

    Enter the dance room number displayed on the website and your device will automatically sync with gameplay on the screen to track how each player performs. With this, you are ready to dance!

Just Dance Now Announced

Take the rhythm on the road with you and party down wherever the heck you want. There’s no limit to the amount of players who can join you, so get the dance party started and record and share your experience. You can also use the app to post your scores on Facebook and check worldwide stats.

Just Dance Now hits the world stage on September 25. Play Just Dance with an unlimited number of people thanks to Ubisoft’s Bluestar technology, which will let you boogie down with anyone regardless of their data connection. Also, get ready for Just Dance 2015, coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii on October 21 in North America and October 23 in EMEA territories (October 24 in the UK).

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Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now

Release date — October, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Paris
Just Dance Now introduces a revolutionary way to play Just Dance: use your smartphone as a controller, go to JustDanceNow.com on a computer, and follow the dancer on the screen! Anyone can join the game at any time and there is no limit to the number of players! In addition to over 40 greatest hits from the Just Dance catalog, you can keep the party going thanks to new songs always being added! With Just Dance Now, dancing has never been so liberating and fun! Dance anywhere, anytime with anyone!

ESRB Rating: RP
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NatanBaka 5pts

Release for Windows Phone!!! WP aleady is the second mobile SO in Latin America!!!

alem khensal
alem khensal 5pts

my samsung note2 have inparchase justjancenow. but when i open my computer to get the room number it always says that "Check internet connection and proxy setting" i can't get the room number....please help me out

Mardony 5pts

Windows Phone is already a number of users as large as the other systems, why not develop for him too?

Alin 5pts

Need Windows phone variant also!!!

rosa adelizzi
rosa adelizzi 5pts

Non faccio commenti basta non mi scocciatè mi dite sempre che devo scrivere il commento io l ho scritto 3 mila volte e mi dite che devo fare la stessa cosa a s questo punto non lo scrivo proprio e si toglie la pakkia go ragione si o no e mo basta e che cazzo .........

rosa adelizzi
rosa adelizzi 5pts

Sono rosa adelizioso o 14 anni sono nata a Frosinone ma vivo a Eboli (sa)sono una studentessa della 14

ciao ho finito.

rosa adelizzi
rosa adelizzi 5pts

Tu sei la cosa più bella che ho ti amo nipotino mio ....Samuel

marika 5pts

ciao sn marika e vorrei sapere cm si gioca a questo gioco

amanda 5pts

can't find room for hours what is the problem ?

vin 5pts

Please make a software to install it to windows pc. Or to store the songs in in temp files so we never have to restream the songs. Coz the internet here is slowing sometimes.. Tsk.

Octavin 5pts

Please,.. for us Indonesian. Just Dance is the most populer game in XBOX 360..

We love playing Just Dance Now.. but so much people in here don't have a Credit Card to buy VIP Pass via Google Play.

Please give us an option to buy VIP Pass,. because the price is reasonable.

Zildriely 5pts

We need it for Windows Phone please. Here in Brazil WP is most popular than IOS...

Vanda 5pts

My Sony tablet is not working as a second screen, the songs are not loading... do I need to instal a special web player or plug in?

yuri 5pts

Pls windows phone version PLSSSSS


Where is windows phone version?

Pity Ubisoft!

Pekka K
Pekka K 5pts

Where is windows phone version!

Karina 5pts

Why do you need to go on a computer just to play OMG Im going to erase it you guys are soo difficult!

megan 5pts

I'm download all just dance now but I'm can't find connected screen for smartphon for table

lashawn 5pts

Why isn't it detecting my movements

Gabby 5pts

Could you guys please make it available for the kindle fire HDX?

Melek 5pts

@SEMIOVALE17 The app is free to download. There are 4 free songs. Everyday, one free song becomes payant and one of the payant songs becomes free. To get access to all songs, buy a VIP pass (5 EUR for 1 day, 19 EUR for 1 month or 29 EUR for 3 months)

semiovale17 5pts

Will we have to pay for the content in one lump sum or will there be smaller packages to buy?

Looks exciting, looking forward to it

anonymous 5pts

give us room numbers please....

Melek 5pts

It's confirmed : Just Dance Now will be available on iPhone 3GS and up, and on Android 2.3 and up!

Enrique 5pts

This game needs to be in windows phone!!!

Maite 5pts

Por favor que se pueda descargar para windows phone!!

Juan 5pts

Me encantaría que sea para Andrioid a partir de la 3 en adelante o un poco mas, pero que no sea desde la 4.2. Porque realmente, los que tenes un celular maso menos copado, smarthponhe, no podremos utilizarla. Muchas Gracias si logran hacerlo para versionos na TAN altas

Melek 5pts

That's great! The only bad thing is that you may break your expensive phone easily, especially when this app will be only available on Android 4.0 and up (we hope it won't) and such an Android version can only be found running on expensive smartphones...

Stone P
Stone P 5pts

I hope to see an app for Windows Phone

Andy 5pts

How to download just Dance now

Melek 5pts

The site is currently down...

Melek 5pts

Please wait until the game is released then go to justdancenow.com

Justdancerforever 5pts

I'm wishing for this game for like ages now I can get it on October and I'm gonna get a I phone cuz I had Nokia I've now got I phone 5S and it is a sign lol ja love Nyan cat aswell