For Honor – Week One Recap of Season 3 4v4 Tournament

Welcome to the first recap of For Honor’s 4v4 Season 3 Finals Tournament! This Invitational will see Least Individual Talent (L.I.T.), Team NRG and Pure Players led by our team Captains SypherPK, NRG.iSkys and Bandanaa compete across North America, while a similar battle between Ultimate Digital Athletes, For Goner and FreeVinx led by Clutchmeister, hhhhmmm1 and Alernakin is brewing in Europe. Each of the teams will participate in online qualifiers each Saturday until October 28 in order to secure a spot for a live final event held in Montreal!

Reminder on Tournament Format

Our six teams are divided into two territories: Europe and North America. During our three weeks of qualifiers, each team will play a total of six games, with every win giving them two points. There is no best-of-three or best-of-five scenario in the qualifier stage. This will only take place at the end of the qualifiers, should there be a tie for first place in each territory.

The winning team per territory is the team which has accumulated the most points during the qualifiers, per territory. These two teams will earn their spot in the finals, taking place in Montreal.

Week One – European Qualifiers

Disclaimer: The Ultimate Digital Athletes only played two games versus each of their opponents, whereas the rules state that they need to play 3. This was a misunderstanding that will be rectified in Week 2, where they will play their third games against each other.

Ultimate Digital Athletes (2) vs. For Goner (0)

To kick off the European qualifiers, the Ultimate Digital Athletes, led by self-proclaimed #1 digital athlete Clutchmeister, faced off against hhhhmmm1’s team For Goner. Their first game was very close with both teams in breaking; ultimately the win went to team UDA with 1306 points vs. 1163 points for team For Goner. Game two was a quick win for team UDA, who finished off the game with 1155 points, versus 374 points for team For Goner. Legion was clearly an MVP for team UDA with an incredible 32 takedowns for only 7 deaths during these two matches.

Ultimate Digital Athletes (2) vs. FreeVinx (0)

With this next matchup, team FreeVinx, led by Hero Series champion Alernakin, tried to end UDA’s winning streak. In both games, FreeVinx started off strong but were unable to keep up the pace, ultimately losing against the Ultimate Digital Athletes. Team UDA finishes Week 1 undefeated, with 4 points. UDA won with 1229 points (vs. 360 points) in game one, and 1341 points (vs. 1020 points) in game two.

Legion stood out again here, with an impressive K/D ratio of 3.6.

FreeVinx (2) vs. For Goner (1)

To complete the day in Europe, For Goner faced off against FreeVinx; with both teams not having won against the Ultimate Digital Athletes, stakes were very high in order to finish the week with some points.

Game one was won by team For Goner, with Hero Series champion Alernakin finishing with only 3 kills and 6 deaths for his team FreeVinx. However, he was able to help turn things around for his team with some amazing Nobushi plays, finishing game two with 12 takedowns and only one death.

For Goner won game one with 1113 points (vs. 892 points). FreeVinx made a comeback in game two, winning with 1268 points (vs. 981 points), and finishing off game three with 1322 points (vs. 1151 points).

Week 1 European Standings

While there are still two games to be played to complete this first week for the European teams, the current standings are as follows:

    1. Team UDA (8 points)
    2. Team Vinx (4 points)
    3. For Goner (2 points)

Week One – North American Qualifiers

Team NRG (3) vs. Least Individual Talent (L.I.T.) (0)

Team NRG, led by captain iSkys, was on fire this week. They took 3 wins over opposing team L.I.T., captained by SypherPK, with one particular game that took just over 5 minutes to win. Team NRG finished off game one with 1167 points (vs. 190 points), game two with 1473 points (vs. 525 points), and finally game three with 1129 points (vs. 211 points).

Team NRG (3) vs. PurePlayers (0)

Team NRG continued to dominate week one, winning their next matchup 3-0 vs. Bandanaa’s team PurePlayers (PP). The games were less of a blowout than they were versus team L.I.T., however NRG still pulled ahead; they finished off game one with 1210 points (vs. 514 points), game two at 1314 points (vs. 441 points), and ended their week one run with 1136 points for game three (vs. 493 points).

Skorbrand and Keehu, both players for Team NRG, definitely took their vitamins and took the time to sharpen their blades before their matches, with 79 and 75 kills respectively in their 6 games. Skorbrand also managed to finish a match with an insane 18 kills and 0 deaths.

Least Individual Talent (3) vs. PurePlayers (0)

This matchup was an important one for both teams, in order for either team L.I.T. or team PP to stay within a competitive distance to Team NRG going into week 2.

Team L.I.T. was up to the challenge and took three wins over team PP in their last matchup for week one. The crown goes to SypherPK, with 19 kills in a match that lasted 8 minutes… this boils down to more than 2 kills per minute!

L.I.T. secured their victory with 1131 points in game one (vs. 607 points), 1121 points in game two (vs. 316 points), and 1394 points in game three (vs. 867 points).

Week 1 North American Standings

    1. Team NRG (12 points)
    2. Team Least Individual Talent (6 points)
    3. Team PurePlayers (0 points)

This is just week one, so a bad week from NRG could result in them slipping from 1st to 2nd place.

Week two of online qualifiers starts tomorrow. Make sure you check-in on Twitch by following each of the captains’ Twitch channels:

Pure Players: