Grow Home – A BUD’s Life

Grow Home began as one developer’s experiment and blossomed into a uniquely charming new game about a quirky robot named BUD (Botanical Utility Droid) on a mission to help his home planet. Players are able to grab, push and pull their way through the world and manipulate it to reach dizzying heights. Learn more about Grow Home and the small team behind it in this exclusive UbiBlog interview with Senior Programmer Andy Buck.

Carve your path through the sky on the massive Star Plant and explore strange caves and waterfalls on the floating islands you encounter high above the ground. Be careful as you climb higher and higher; it’s an awfully long way down. Grow Home is now available on PC.

You can learn more about Grow Home in this in-depth feature exploring its conception and mechanics.

Grow Home

Grow Home

Grow Home

Release date — February 4, 2015
Developer — Ubisoft Reflections
In Grow Home you play BUD (Botanical. Utility. Droid), a robot on a mission to find the Star Plant and save his planet. Discover a strange open-world: a planet of floating islands, with precipitous drops, caves and waterfalls to navigate, all rendered in a minimalist but beautiful art style. Grow the giant Star Plant and use your unique climbing abilities to reach ever higher ground, but be careful as you ascend because one wrong move and it’s a long way down!

ESRB Rating: Everyone
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