Far Cry Primal Bonus Content Available March 22

Did you miss the window for getting your hands on the preorder bonuses for Far Cry Primal? If you’d still like to stomp around as a mammoth in three new missions and get a running start with extra items, you can grab it all starting on March 22 with the Wenja Pack. Available for $6.99, the Wenja Pack includes the three add-on Legend of the Mammoth missions – which put you in control of a mammoth out to defend its herd – as well as Ull’s powerful Bone Shasti Club and four enhancement packs filled with perks and new skins for the wild animals of Oros.


The add-on packs include the Sabretooth Pack, which gives players early access to animal hides for crafting while also changing some of the sabretooth tiger population into Flame Fang sabretooths; the Owl Pack, which gives your owl friend dark and stormy feathers, while also including Wenja tribal paint to give Takkar’s arms a new look and early access to crafting resources; The Mammoth Pack, which changes some of the game’s mammoths into Ash Back mammoths, while also granting an endurance-boosting recipe; and the Bomb Pack, which offers two extra sting bombs to give you an edge early in the game.


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