Far Cry Classic Announced

On February 11 you’ll be able to pick up the game that started the madness. Far Cry Classic takes you back to the beginning with enhanced graphics and revamped cutscenes, along with a new interface to help you on your journey. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see how the series began, or even experience it again if you’ve been meaning to go back.

Far Cry Classic Announced

Ship captain Jack Carver is left stranded on a strange island and it isn’t long before he finds himself being hunted by local mercenaries. Use stealth, strategy or the full arsenal of weapons at your disposal to survive on the beautiful (but deadly) island. Grab Far Cry Classic for the PS3 or the Xbox 360 next week for only $9.99.

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Far Cry Classic Announced

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Derek 5pts

It would be amazing after far cry 4, a far cry 5 comes out and it had john carver in it mean PLEASE BRING BACK THAT INSTINCT HALF HUMAN HALF CREATURE!!! I would bet anything that people would freak out over that! Cause personally that was one of the best far crys I'm not hating on any of the others far crys, cause they are all AMAZING! But I really wish a Far Cry 5 would be something like that agin!!!

Ali Saadat
Ali Saadat 5pts

Hi Anne. Is the Far Cry classic HD version available on Steam for PCs ?

boggom 5pts

please no monsters or zombies or vampires or aliens... there is already too much of that!!!1

MikeOxBIg 5pts

Id buy this if it was on PC, but since noone cares about us Pc guys anymore screw it :/

Jaron 5pts

I hope they'll add a Far Cry 3 expansion with something similiar to Jack's story. I want to see more monsters in Far Cry. I'm glad the tropical environment is back in the series.

Italodance 5pts

Please bring them to vita either via port or via new titles

Rick 5pts

When i played the game for the first time in 2003, the guy was named Jack Carver. Now, it's called John Carver... Why not John Carter for a full change? LOL

icurafu 5pts

Ubi would sell a million of these if you ported it to the Vita.

It would be a good opportunity to demonstrate the CryEngine on the Vita. (http://www.scei.co.jp/ngp_tm/)

Stryker 5pts

I would be very glad if it's released free of the bugs that plagued it's first iteration, at least the ones that survived the version released on Steam. Especially the ones related to loading the actual save games.

Chance 5pts

No chance for this to come out on PS4 and Xbox One?


...Well, if the Far Cry Classic not available to buy for PC separate, then not really worthy to buy it in my opinion, because I already have every title from the Far Cry: Wild Expeditions - pack on PC.

hedzsoooAkaHeyJoe 5pts

Hi Anne, can you tell me please what about the PC-version of this Far Cry Classic? So is get some improved graphics & HUD only on consoles or on PC as well? & how much is it on PC? Or for PC you can buy olny in the new Far Cry: Wild Expeditions - pack?

Mark 5pts

wow, i was expecting something along the lines of $15/$20. Ten bucks is irresistible!

Patrick 5pts

Hey, I am not clear on this wording you are using. Is Far Cry Classic the original Crytek-developed PC Far Cry (that really started it all) OR Far Cry Instincts from Ubi Montreal that was released on Xbox? If the latter, how does it differ from the "HD Version" Far Cry Instincts Predator that came during the early days for X360?

Anne Lewis | Communications Associate
Anne Lewis | Communications Associate 5pts

You are absolutely right. I have no idea why I wrote John Carver.... But now I'm imagining a Tom Cruise movie where he plays retired spy Jack Carver AND his own twin brother John Carver. I think you just came up with the idea for a blockbuster hit.

Courtney 5pts

Why no PC love? I read the Europe version of the far cry wild expeditions will include Far Cry Classic but not in the US, is this correct?

Patrick 5pts

That would be amazing (yet judging the screenshots still hard to believe - looks more like Instincts IMHO). Did Crytek develop it? I assume the Code Base must be ancient and to port it over to PS3 is a miracle...


Well, yep. That`s exactly why I was confoused about the PC version of FAR CRY 1, beacuse I red the same on the official page: " a complete compilation called Far Cry The Wild Expedition including Far Cry Classic, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be released in the UK. The compilation will be available on February 14th, 2014 in the UK for the Sony PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System, Xbox®360 AND PC for £29.99."

So Far Cry Classic ONLY AVAILABLE for consoles. This very strange in my opinion.

Source: http://far-cry.ubi.com/fc-portal/en-gb/community/detail_news.aspx?c=tcm:21-124928&ct=tcm:6-231-32

Trexs 5pts

The original Far Cry is already on PC, and it is a pretty solid port, you can even use mods with it.

boggom 5pts

hi Anne, I got far cry wild expedition, redeem code invalid, xbox live help is confusing...

any thoughts?