Pack away your tropical gear, because Far Cry 4 is heading to the Himalayas.

Far Cry 4

Announced today, Far Cry 4 will release this year on November 18 in the US and November 20 in EMEA territories. The game will be available on both generations of consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with Windows PC.

Taking a sharp turn away from the lush island jungles of the top-rated Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 is set in Kyrat, an untamed region currently ruled by a despotic self-appointed king. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the achingly beautiful views; Kyrat is a wild land full of perils. Once again, players will be able to craft their own stories as they travel through this exotic open world teeming with wildlife – using their wits along with an assortment of powerful weapons and diverse vehicles.

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said Dan Hay, Executive Producer. “Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

Development on Far Cry 4 is being led by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev.

For an exclusive first look at Far Cry 4, be sure to tune in to Ubisoft’s media briefing at E3.

Monkey Around With Hurk

Seems like you can’t keep a crazy man down. The popular nutjob from Far Cry 3 returns in Far Cry 4 in a series of three single-player missions, available in the game’s Limited Edition. The great news: pre-order Far Cry 4 and you’ll receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which not only includes the Hurk’s Redemption missions but also The Impaler – Hurk’s hefty harpoon gun. Pre-orders are available now through all major retailers.

Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition - Preorder

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

Release date — November 18, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs
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  1. Disappointed Customer on May 15, 2014
    Cross-gen?!!! I am disappoint :(
    • gamer on May 15, 2014
      so you want only in nex-gen only ?? like really ???
      • JSA on May 15, 2014
        um you mean current-gen ?
        • GinsuVictim on May 16, 2014
          It's still called next-gen until the install base exceeds the previous gen. Currently there are 160 million 360s and PS3s out there, while only about 10 million XB1s and PS4s.
          • Jack on May 16, 2014
            So PS2 is still current gen for you ;-)?
          • Ginsu on May 16, 2014
            (It won't let me reply to Jack, but this will be close enough) I said the PREVIOUS gen.
          • B on May 30, 2014
            I want it released for my N64 or ps2!
        • reedy777 on September 4, 2014
      • Really on May 15, 2014
        Whats wrong with that and yeah, did you mean current-gen. I want it current-gen and Pc only so we can get the best possible experience . You mad bro?
        • UrADick on May 15, 2014
          1. You seem to not notice that Ubisoft is being VERY nice about this, considering they must realize not everyone can afford a next gen console yet. 2. How the hell does the fact that it's a cross-gen game ruin your experience?
          • ClemClem510 on May 15, 2014
            The last gen runs on hardware that was outdated 7 years ago. It's gonna be a huge bottleneck to the game, since they will have to make much lower graphic fidelity than the rest, which could mean that the PC and current gen versions will have lower graphical quality than they could have had if they didn't have to make a last gen version. And adapting the game to shit hardware will waste precious time that could be spent making a beautiful game.
          • No on May 15, 2014
            Are you actually serious... ? The PS3 and shitbox have hindered technological advancement for years now. Their hardware is utter garbage.
          • StupidAssLittleKid on May 15, 2014
            @CLEMCLEM510The "current-gen" of XBOX ONE cannot even run games at 1080p, which was the latest technology about 5 years ago or more. If the current gen doesnt even have the capability to 1080p games, you think its going to be able to 4K+ on games in 3 years or more?Whoever bought new consoles is a fucking idiot. I hope your parents bought them for you, so its not technically a waste on your part.I can build a PC that will surpass the "current gen" operating stats for the next 5+ years, and it could run 4K games right now.
          • Spoon on May 15, 2014
            Yea.. because it's really nice of them to sell you a mediocre 360/PS3 version for $60 when you can't even afford a $400 console. The fact that it's cross gen means that they've spent their time creating a watered down version which doesn't allow them to focus on the real game.
          • Derik on July 14, 2014
            Ahahahaha nice about it? Yeah they're being "nice" because they don't want to miss out on 150 million potential customers.
        • PC Gamer on May 15, 2014
          We should probably wait and see the experience Watch Dogs delivers before we make any assumptions about other games.
          • Mack on May 15, 2014
            it's been confirmed that watch dogs will run at 900p on PS4 and 792p on Xbox -359. Both at thirty frames a second.PC GAMING MASTER RACE
        • Dickman on May 30, 2014
    • Random Gamer on May 15, 2014
      I know right? It will be a shame that it is limited by the current-gen consoles…. At least I get to play it on the PS3.
    • aperegrina on May 15, 2014
      I swear, people are stupid. They think that offering a new game on past-gen consoles (360/ps3) somehow affects the game for the next-gen consoles. It doesn't. The game will be created on a PC alongside the current-gen consoles, making downscaling tweaks to make sure everything is ruining smoothly. THEN a third-party is generally hired, or maybe the same developer, begins work on a port that will run on the last gen consoles. Sometimes major tweaks have to be done to make it work, but those changes aren't made on the current-gen/PC versions. Think blu-ray movie burned to a dvd so it can be played in a dvd player... you still have the blu-ray version that isn't affected.
      • Eggnogyummy on May 15, 2014
        But that isn't how it works....It is cheaper and easier to build the game for the previous gen consoles and then give it better textures for the current gen/PC release. Yeah, sure the textures look great but everything else is gonna be shit. Happens with EVERY console to PC port.
      • Avalanche on May 18, 2014
        It would be stupid of ubisoft to limit it to ps4, xb1 and pc they will make a lot more money making it available to the older consoles also
      • Dellers on May 18, 2014
        That does affect the game unless you make two completely different versions. You can always add higher resolution and graphical effects to the newer consoles and PC, but mechanics and gameplay isn't something that is typically different between each version of a game. That's where the old consoles will hold everything back.
    • normal gamer on May 15, 2014
      Do you mean you play for the graphics?
    • Nate on May 16, 2014
      Oh Shut the hell up , for people who cant afford next gen now current gen is more than enough :p
    • cameron on May 17, 2014
      i wish it was only on last gen. if you know what i mean.
    • PS4 Addict on May 25, 2014
      ps4 ftw !!!!
    • vishnu on June 21, 2014
      are you mad
  2. gamer on May 15, 2014
    aw crap. can't wait for this game.
  3. Joe Green on May 15, 2014
    OMFG YASSSSS. I am a little disappointed with it being cross-gen but we all know that it will look and play better on current gen & PC!
    • BobtheSaget on May 16, 2014
      ..Current gen? Better than next-gen? Please elaborate
  4. Anonymus on May 15, 2014
    No Wii U-Version? So, I won't buy it! :(
    • Anon on May 15, 2014
      I know, right? I'm waiting for the neo-geo pocket color version.
      • Anthony on May 17, 2014
        Your comment was so funny that gave me cancer...congratulations.
  5. Mitsku2 on May 15, 2014
    This is going to be something big.. like FarCry 3 was (still playing that son of a bitch game !)
    • Joe Green on May 15, 2014
      Hahahaha. I can't stop staring at the pictures.
      • Isabella on October 16, 2014
        I'm so glad I found my soitulon online.
    • IvanKA99 on May 15, 2014
      How? I mean, that game was the best FPS I've ever played but after you do everything (I got platinum trophy) there's nothing left to do (unless you re-started the campaign) That was kinda bummer, 4 should have a game +.
  6. Alexey Makarov on May 15, 2014
    It's cool.
  7. Jazz on May 15, 2014
    Nothing gets me more excited then learning about DLC for a game that was just announced.
  8. Paul Jones on May 15, 2014
    Cross gen = Lame. So sick of new games held back by ps3/360 antiques.
    • Alex on May 15, 2014
      If they don't xb360, and ps3 fagboys will bitch about it and cry about it.
      • Toni on May 15, 2014
        Who cares what PS3 and 360 "gamers" think?
        • Right on May 15, 2014
          Who cares what you think?
          • Jyu on May 15, 2014
      • Obelix on May 15, 2014
        Homophobia is for losers, and the the weak-minded.
    • teastrings on May 15, 2014
      if they don't cross-gen they'll lose an uncanny amount of money from it. in a few years time when almost everyone has a current-gen console they'll probably never cross-gen again.
      • Name on May 15, 2014
        In a few years i'll be playing Sword Art Online...
      • WhoCares on May 15, 2014
        In a few years i'll be playing SAO
    • MSD19 on May 15, 2014
      Well now you know exactly how PC gamers feel.
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      They don't get held back... They get ported... I don't see the problem? Doiyou develop games?
      • pritster on June 10, 2014
        Hopefully your being sarcastic, because your username says it all...what exactly do you think a port is??? A port is when they convert a game to work on other platforms. Then the developers add a teeny weeny graphical improvement to the port an call it "next-gen" and as a a matter of fact, i do develop games (for crytek ) and this happens with EVERY SINGLE PORT, look at gta 4 for pc, look at assasins creed black flag, look at even FARCRY 3, the xbox360/ps3 look almost identical to the pc version which is supposed not supposed to have any limitations. when you make a game for a piece of trash and try to make it work on a insanely powerful rig, things don't work out the way they should. Do you really think that a developer would just forget about everything that they developed for x360/ps3 and start work on a shiny new PC/next-gen version? All they usually do is just add some high-res textures instead of modifying the game engine at its core to look best on new platforms.
        • Jeb on June 21, 2014
          the actual course of action developers will take is making on a PC and then porting it to consoles. There won't be cuts to the versatility of the game, because you can't do A and B at the same time, so why the hell would adding B as an alternative to A lag your game? The truth with missing functions is it's stuff the developers missed, and the only way to add them is to make a new game. That is exactly what Farcry 4 is doing, the developers openly looked for flaws with Farcry 3 and asked the community what they would like to see in the new game. If that "occupation" of yours isn't bullcrap, it still doesn't change your level of expertise much. You're just an employee, you code a little, big deal. If you were higher up in the social ladder you would know how things are actually run.
        • Jeb on June 21, 2014
          And about the "modifying the game engine at its core" bit, they do make additions to the core of the engine, not only graphics (like you mentioned) are modified, but actual entity movement is, for example, on a PS3, when an explosion near a body happens, the body might not do anything, but on a PC, it would fly it the air and flip around with a little smoke trail behind it and break a window on it collision with a building. Game mechanics don't get affected by it being released on lower-gen consoles, just graphics if the development team is to lazy to make some improvements. And if you're really that butthurt about your graphics being haltered, there's no reason to be, because Ubisoft probably has a few teams working on graphics.
        • Jeb on June 21, 2014
  9. Enver on May 15, 2014
    Wii u version???????
    • nigga on May 15, 2014
      are you fucking serious dude?
  10. Lucas on May 15, 2014
    Cross gen?
  11. 1ToMo1 on May 15, 2014
    First i thniked that there making fon of saints row 4 but i cant wait :D :33 im happy for cross gen because iv gor x360 So it will be so goos autumm :3
  12. GoCorinthians on May 15, 2014
    Like WD, FC4 pre-order on Steam on dayone. MaxSettings!
    • UplaySUCKS on May 15, 2014
      But what if it has Uplay?I'm not getting it.
  13. Sonu Chauhan on May 15, 2014
    Nothing to say cuz Ubisoft's Games are always Awesome
  14. vinay on May 15, 2014
    coool :D waiting for it :D
  15. calimero on May 15, 2014
    far cry 3 was released in 2012 and it was a great title, that the fate two years later, stop talking to pump money: ok:
  16. Nepali101 on May 15, 2014
    So Nepal it is.
    • hope on May 16, 2014
      India :)
      • Buddha on May 16, 2014
        Nepal dude!
      • Farcry4s on May 20, 2014
        Its Nepal, the main characters name is Ajay Ghale. Ghale is a Nepali name. Stop taking credit for every little shit wanker.
      • KATHMANDY on June 19, 2014
        It is Nepal.
  17. Toni on May 15, 2014
    I've been waiting for the announcement of this game for this whole week (recently finished both FC3 and Blood Dragon) and Himalayas seem like a really awesome setting but I'm really disappointed that the last gen consoles are holding back this game.
  18. marcoolio on May 15, 2014
    Ubisoft Kiev is involved? No, just NO. Ignoring this game. Fuck that studio. They have done nothing but screwed up every game they have worked on. Terrible optimisation, Future Soldier didn't even support keyboard and mouse at launch. No. GET RID OF THEM UBI! Please!
    • Toni on May 15, 2014
      This.How about a good PC port this time?
    • Jexx on May 15, 2014
      So.. what if they have pretty much an entirely different staff now?I guess all you want is just for them to rename the studio.
      • marcoolio on May 16, 2014
        I will not believe them even if they do. That "Different People" that worked on AC3 screwed up just as much as the "different people" who worked on Future Soldier.Ubisoft Kiev means bad ports, and they'll have to work really hard to change that fact.If the PC version is any good, I will buy. But if it's poor and, let's face it, it probably will, that'll just cement my dislike for that studio and rightfully so.
  19. Andres on May 15, 2014
    Please bring this game to Wii U
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      The Wii U probably can't run the game for shit.
  20. jode on May 15, 2014
    If it requires UPLay like the last one, then I will not be supporting it. DETEST UPLAY. Let steam do what it does best and reduce the number of WORTHLESS SERVICE APPS I need to run to support your product.
    • asasdasdasd on May 16, 2014
      I completely agree. I hope they don't put Uplay on it.
  21. Sil3ntX on May 15, 2014
    Can't wait!!! Loved Far Cry 3! Can't wait to see how sexy it's going look on Next Gen and play!
  22. MMos on May 15, 2014
    Would love to see full game co-op. Just imagine being able to actually plan an attack with someone or have a gunner while you drive. Farcry would be Farbetter.
  23. Diego Tamayose Gomes on May 15, 2014
    The game will be available on both generations of consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with Windows PC. Okay... now where's Wii U version?
  24. mohsen on May 15, 2014
    Which game engine will the game use?
    • Joe Green on May 15, 2014
      Hi Mohsen, the game runs on CryEngine.
      • STEVOAU on May 16, 2014
        It does not run on CryEngine, that's EA's tech. It will most likely run on an updated version of the Dunia Engine that powered FC3 & FC2.
        • Frankie on May 18, 2014
          CryEngine is owned/licensed by Crytek, NOT EA. EA owns the Frostbite engine. EA published the Crysis games under the EA Partners label so they were merely a publisher, nothing more.
        • pritster on June 10, 2014
          its not EA's tech its crytek's but @MOHSEN its not technically running on CryEngine 3 its running on a REAAAAAAALLLYYY modifyied cryengine called dunia engine
  25. Gary Steinman | Communications Manager Author on May 15, 2014
    Hi all. We've been reading all your comments and we see you have some great questions. We'll have some amazing new stuff to show at E3 - a lot of which should answer many of your questions. Stay tuned for our Media Briefing and the entire show for all kinds of cool stuff.
  26. Anderson on May 15, 2014
    Horrible news about the old gen cross release. It's proven they're holding new-gen, I won't get excited until things are "full new gen" (like, I better turn my hopes to games like Destiny and The Division).
  27. Daniel on May 15, 2014
    No Wii U version? I'm not going to buy it.
  28. miguel angel pastor on May 15, 2014
    Woow estara increible este juego me gus4o el 3 en 1ra persona y este imagino sera genial
  29. Roberto on May 15, 2014
    TL;DR - Sorry we don't have any actual screenshots or interesting information for you, but make sure you preorder to get the DLC.
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      How about you be glad the game got announced.... fuck dude....How about you wait for E3? Ya know, like everyone else... -.-
  30. Regis on May 15, 2014
    No Wii U version??? Shame on you Ubi!
    • -_- on May 15, 2014
      Really? You're giving them shit for no Wii version?
      • Notuptome2004 on May 15, 2014
        he was Talking about the Wii U you know Nintendos entirly new hardware 8th Generation hardware New console Not the 2006 Wii 7th gen system but the 2012 Wii U 8Th Gen system from NintendoLesson for you in case you got confused (Wii U gamepad is not an Add-on for the Wii it is a part of the entirely new Wii U game console)
        • Idiot on May 15, 2014
          HAHAHA Nintendo's brand new hardware is already 7 years outdated.
          • Notuptome2004 on May 15, 2014
            Yea umm NO it is not 7 year old hardware cause the n can you explain why the Developers for another game sonic Boom is running the game in Directx 11 based feature set on cryengine 3 proof image right there 7year old hardware you say pfft if only that was true (not sure i can post that but from another forum )
      • Regis on May 16, 2014
        Wii U version bro... Pay attention.
      • Regis on May 16, 2014
        Wii U version dude... Pay attention!
  31. Marcos Oliveira on May 15, 2014
    No Wii U version??????
  32. Isaias on May 15, 2014
    Stop bitching about cross gen, who gives a shit? Play it on PC if you care about your stupid framerate and graphics shit. Obviously they had a dev team develope the older gen and the current gen so nothing held the game back. This game had hella dev teams. Relax guys.
    • Mitch on May 15, 2014
      Amen brother.
  33. Richard on May 15, 2014
    Wii U Version ???????
    • WII on May 15, 2014
  34. Richard on May 15, 2014
    Wii U Version ?????????.
  35. James on May 15, 2014
    Why isnt there an ultimate collectors edition?!??! Any statue/steel case options coming?
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      The game JUST got announced dude relax, it's coming... As always...
  36. Justin on May 15, 2014
    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Serious? That's the new villain? "Did I ever tell you the definition of homosexuality?"
    • cameron on May 17, 2014
      HAHAHHAHAHAHAH yes exactly what i thought!!
  37. Faawks on May 15, 2014
    'we're coming out with a new farcry game, but you don't care about that do you? You only care about DLC! Isn't that right? DLC and Preorder bonus, that's what really matters, the main game is just a host for these awesome extras!'That's pretty much how I read it...
  38. Nelson on May 15, 2014
    Cadê a versão para Wii U? Palhaçada!
  39. Tljenkins on May 15, 2014
    I just don't get the homosexual bad guy I'm just sayin it takes a real serious bitch to scare me so I really hope there's some edge to the purple suit metrosexual with the small himalyn man at his feet..but the guns are cool though....yea I'm not feeling it, I loved farcry 3 though amazingly layered story that only storytellers like ubi can come up with. I hope they close some of the conspiracy theories like vaas actually being dead was citra or Dennis actually working with vaas that was probably my favorite part hitting the web after I had beaten the game and read everyone's wild theories, BRING BACK JASON, dudes legit and he's a badass now, unless he was brutally stabbed to death, and if that's the canon I'm not complaining
  40. Tljenkins on May 15, 2014
  41. Pamela on May 15, 2014
    Wii U version? :(
  42. luks on May 15, 2014
    No WiiU version???????????
  43. Fanboy Cawkshucker on May 15, 2014
    "Oh man, I'm not playing this game for silly reasons in this brief PR release, because I'm a fucking 12 year old virgin who need to always find some fanboy reason to complain, but then I'll buy the game when it comes out and like it, forget everything i write online, it's worthless"
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      = just about everyone on this thread.
  44. Chabs on May 15, 2014
    Announcing day 1 DLCs the day you announce the game, and add to that Pre-orders, and you get the cancer that's been plaguing gaming for the past 3-4 years.When will people realize that devs/shareholders (whoever's responsible really...) have been screwing us for all this time... When? So we may eradicate this f*cking plague once and for all.
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      What difference does it make to you? Honestly? Are you just complaining about it because it's the cool thing to do? I don't see a problem... I really don't... Just buy it when it comes out and ignore it... Problem solved...
  45. X_X on May 15, 2014
    Lots of techXperts here huh XD lmao
  46. Guest129487124 on May 15, 2014
    I hope this is a joke. I don't want far cry to become Saint's Row.
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      What makes you say that?
  47. stragomccloud on May 15, 2014
    Why no Wii U version? Ubisoft, I've bought all of your games on the Wii U. ...except that dance game. What gives?
    • Idiot on May 15, 2014
      As if this game would even run on that weak machine...
      • Notuptome2004 on May 16, 2014
        yes it is so weak of a machine that Assasins creed 4 looks absolutely better then the 360 and PS3 hands down and ran smoother as well
      • Notuptome2004 on May 16, 2014
        forgot to add that splinter cell black list looks way better then the PS3 and 360 versions as well more ram much more modern GPU and oh the CPU is a beefed up Tri-core that has some power up its sleev if you develop right for it
      • Anthony on May 17, 2014
        Always a fanboy have to cry and say what he think, and his opinion is the rightest and anyone that disagree is wrong.
  48. Team Xbox on May 15, 2014
    The only thing I'm hoping for is a massive selection of weaponry. Not just 4 or 5 pistols. I like a wide variety
  49. Scott on May 15, 2014
    PLEASE let there be local multiplayer, and let there be vehicles and animals in online multiplayer. FarCry has always had the greatest map editor in all games, but in both FarCry 2 and 3 they have screwed it up by either not letting us play locally or taking vehicles and animals out of multiplayer completely
  50. Idiot on May 15, 2014
    "OMG IT"S CROSS GEN SO GAY!!!"Shut up.... Nothing's changed... The game on PS4 & XBONE will be no different than if it wasn't cross gen you legit pussies...
  51. Idiot on May 15, 2014
    Y'all are pussies, just bitch and moan about any little thing you can... And y'all are saying shit like it's a fact when you know nothing about it yet... Reading these comments made me think "Wow, you people don't even deserve to play these games, bunch of pussies."
  52. Idiot on May 15, 2014
    Ungrateful pieces of shit
  53. Dan howes on May 16, 2014
    What you guys are forgetting is thebfactor of what the games going to be. I honestly couldnt give two shits abiot the specs of my new xbox one. All i care about are the games. And from the many times that ive played through far cry 3, i just want the new one because the last one was epic. Pc gamers and console gamers will have the despute about whats better for years. So until there comes a day that theyre the same, just shut up and enjoy the games for what they are
  54. hope on May 16, 2014
    Hoping nvidia give gtx 880 Currently only have 2x 590
  55. Rafael on May 16, 2014
    And the Wii U version, Ubisoft? Did you know your brasilian channel on YouTube said that we "still will see the Ubisoft logo on our gamepads a lot" on the video Ubi Responde #1 (2:13)? Where are them? Just in Child of Light after Rayman Legends? In Watch_Dogs, that will be release in the end of the year, after all the hype is over? Thank you for forget Wii U...
  56. Mauricio Montiel on May 16, 2014
    What about the Wii U Version?
  57. Princess BLackND on May 16, 2014
    Farcry 4 is going to be the bomb, I can't wait to play it on my *New* PS4 :P
  58. matt on May 16, 2014
    Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD upgrade the enemy AI so we're not fighting idiots like before.
  59. Junior Ojeda on May 16, 2014
    WiiU Version???... if have a version to Xbox360 and PS3.. Why not WiiU?
  60. BLACK_VIKING on May 16, 2014
    Whats the problem with cross-gen? Everyone gets to play the game that way.... like console users who haven't got PS3 or X360, or the next-gen only console buyers, or people who switched to consoles.I am a PC gamer myself so I can't think of a reason why everyone is sad and arguing about cross-gen!
    • Kozah on May 17, 2014
      They're just pissed because the 360 & ps3 can run 1080p which produces much better graphics than xbox 1 & ps4
  61. Youreallstupid on May 16, 2014
    LOL you think they give a crap about your opinions on flipping graphics? IT's about making more money, they KNOW everyone does not have current gen.
  62. dinesh on May 16, 2014
    so there is a possibility it's going to be based on Nepal. The small moon below the far cry logo in the hurk's redemption is the moon from the Nepalese flag.
  63. Felix Desrochers on May 16, 2014
    Oh my god looks awesome!!!
  64. Aleks on May 16, 2014
    The badguy in the pink dress does kinda look like Breivik who was the murderer that killed about 73 youth in Norway 2011.
  65. Rowdy_Robin on May 16, 2014
    Just Tell me How much it gonna cost ?So i'll make saving for that .. and if you dont !! then i'll teach you the defination of insanity ..!!
  66. Henry Aouad on May 16, 2014
    Before you release the Farcry 4, at least improve the Farcry 3 online multiplayer gaming, because that was the worst game experience we all had, unlike the story mode. And if it is not possible, kindly issue a patch for lan gaming. THANK YOU.
  67. WorldsFirstIntelligentCommentor on May 16, 2014
    Hey, very excited for the game! I doubt this will be seen (or theoretically make a difference) but please have free roam local co-op! I miss local co op. it seems like close to no games have it any ore. It's been replaced with online multiplayer. But I love having my friend sitting next to me on the couch playing the game together. :)
  68. smithy on May 16, 2014
    I think I will get the over version instead of the Xbox one version. Can't wait to play it.
  69. timoshka on May 17, 2014
    How much it will cost?Here's the way game review:
  70. Anthony on May 17, 2014
    Ubi lefting Wii U again without a version...we don't want just the f***ing Just Dance and those casual games. Actvision is doing a great support comparing to you...hope that Watch Dogs is not the last good game that you'll bring to Wii U.
  71. jojo on May 17, 2014
    No Wii U version... So i don't intend to buy it... I bought a lot of Ubisoft games on Wii U, and i planned to buy Watch dogs on it.... But it seems Ubisoft don't want my money anymore.I have an Xbox 360, an Xbox One, a PS3 and a PS4 too, but i won't buy any game that is out on Xbox360/PS3 but not on Wii U.
  72. Bruno on May 17, 2014
    And the wii u version? many people want to buy!
  73. Marcos on May 17, 2014
    Wii U? Fuck ubisoft fuck very very much
  74. Julio on May 17, 2014
    No Wii U version????
  75. Jack on May 18, 2014
    Guys! one thing - more editor stuff: sp missions playable from game's menu, larger maps (!) and vehicles. Those were the only things that gave fc3 away the level of perfection.
  76. john on May 18, 2014
    PS2 version??? :9
  77. Djamel on May 18, 2014
    Awesome!!! Himalayas, a beautiful location for Far Cry 4. I m going to pre order it in July. Tumbs up UBISOFT cuz i like it that u guys publish it on Xbox360. I really hope that this game will not be delayed.
  78. Angelo on May 18, 2014
    And the version of Wii u?
  79. hs to say on May 18, 2014 come another hand-holding game with pretty graphic.I don't understand why anybody who is 16yo and older would be exited about this game... I mean- don't you boys and girls have any standards?What was Far cry 3: idiotic storyline, no exploring( sorry, but if you put mark on map telling you where is everything- I dont need to put any efort to it and therefore I dont explore, I just follow preset path), dull shooting, stupid AI, slow moving, utterly stupid upgrading system( I can create only one, ONE, wallet from two animals, WTF?? Who think this is inteligent, or even fun?), I can go on and on and on...And you ask why is this cross-gen? Well, people had enough of these idiotic games and wont buy new hardver because they don't seem to like when they feel that someone is *loving* them into the head. Therefore, game developers are forced to create games for older platforms so they can sell them. Suprise folks! You are just a wallet carriers to them. No, they wont give you quality product, because they know some of you( read: lazy and unimaginative children( read: modern kids)) dont like to think.So why would they put some effort into it? Obviouslly, all they need to do is pretty graphic, cool looking youtube video and viola- money just come in... Thank god for those inteligent games from that "indy" part of game universe.
    • Mitch Winget on May 18, 2014
      I agree with your points about not being forced to explore. I wish there were some missions that only said you have to go to the North Shore of the island, or just some general area on the map. On the other hand I don't want to be frustrated by trying to find something that OI have no idea where it is. It would have been awesome if you just had a marker you could see in the distance but you had no other help on how to get there. But other then that, I loved the story, the game play, the graphics, shooting mechanics and just about everything else.
  80. Mitch Winget on May 18, 2014
    I am so excited for a Himalayas themed far cry. My favorite game "themes" are always snow and desert! So I am stoked to play almost a mixture of Far Cry 3 and Uncharted 2; my two favorite games of all time.
  81. ramgosler on May 18, 2014
    Noo wii u verdion?
  82. blood dragon on May 18, 2014
    this poster looks so gay..!!! Nevermind.. Much awaited for this one. Btw far cry 3 was the best... And Vaas thanx for the insanity
  83. blood dragon on May 18, 2014
    this poster looks so gay..!!! Nevermind.. Much awaited for this one. Btw far cry 3 was the best... And Vaas thanx for the insanityBtw one more thing to be noticed. Kyrat - Rkyat(rakyat) same letters used just like word scrabbles
  84. Nadeem on May 19, 2014
    I think its contain Airships and Bike and good vehicle add. All old part of Farcry has no heavy vehicle fun. I always like this type of Game I LIKE FARCRY series i like it.
  85. Александр on May 19, 2014
    А руская озвучка будет?А то хочу пред заказ сделать,но far cry без русской озвучки не far cry
  86. Austin on May 19, 2014
    With the return on the map editor probably coming I would like to see where multiple people can edit maps in the same session also it would be awesome if you could pop in and out of edit mode with the click of a button all these are similar to the halo franchise forge mode. What do you guys think?
  87. Jason on May 20, 2014
    F*****g hell! This is Nepal....OMG! This is awesome. It's not in India. In one of the posters there's a symbol that is in the Nepali flag.
  88. Dennis on May 21, 2014
    Anyone knows if FC4 gonna be on steam??
    • Pwnicus on May 21, 2014
      The link to this news article came from the main Steam page for Far Cry 3... and since the previous titles are on Steam, I'd say FC4 being on Steam would be a safe bet.
      • NotsewMad on July 3, 2014
        I do hope this game is as good as it looks and the actual game play at least as good as FC3. Possibly with another cool Skrillex track or more.At this time FC4 appears to be available to pre order at most places apart from Steam... If it's not on Steam I will not buy it no matter how good it is.
  89. liquasilver on May 22, 2014
    had a great laugh reading these comments. looking forward to the game.
  90. PC MASTER RACE on May 23, 2014
    LMFAO I love reading the comments from all the console scrubs. You 11yo piss stains need to understand something. The company that makes the game likes to make money. They need money to make more games. This means they need sales. To make sales, they will try to downgrade the game to work on your subpar consoles. Just play the fkn game and stop all this crying over what systems the game is made to run on. Anyone with half a braincell knows that games are written on PC's and dumbed down so you peasants can play them. Now go steal your mommies credit card and buy the preorder.
    • Chris on May 28, 2014
      You realize that the only thing PC's have over Consoles are graphics, framerate, and cheaper games (assuming that Steam is used) right? The gameplay and story will be the exact same, and those are the only things that matter in a video game. You don't really have anything to brag about.
      • reply_boot on May 29, 2014
        And they feel better, have better physic, better modding community( if consoles have any, i dont know), you can upgrade your PC while with consoles you are limmited with wath you can afford at the time you buy it, consoles lack the abillity for editing game files PLUS( and both of this is biggest bullshit you guys need to swallow) you need constant internet connection and cant play older games on newer machines. No need to say that we, on a PC, not only can play older titles- I can play games made for your consoles( sooner or later). Just to be clear - having bigger framerate is huge advantage and because graphic IS no.1 priority to any game developer in any sector( pc or consoles) today- we really DO have "better" games.
  91. SANHELLO on May 28, 2014
    There is an idea! Add a game of "aerial adventure".
  92. Deon on May 30, 2014
    I hope far cry 4 wil be more realistic like fc2. Fc3 was great but felt like an arcade shooter. The game world in fc2 also felt more diverse and believable.
    • Bullmess on July 16, 2014
      Ding ding ding..we have a winner! U r right fc2 looked more realistic to me fc3 looked more cellshaded(cartoonish)..None the less i played the hell out of both of those games and still do to this day...the 1st was great until the mutant monsters came n2 the picture,I didnt care for that to much....cant wait for part4
  93. owen on May 31, 2014
    yeees ! fc 3 is my favorite game and i hope fc 4 wil be too . i have no bad thing to say about the single player of fc3. but i give one tip for coop , make it possible to play with your friends on the map of single-player , players want to hunt, kill and explore togetter, alot of friends say that too so thats all i have to say. can not wait till it comes out !
  94. amitmj on May 31, 2014
    good see your courntry featured in a great game....
  95. masterbalot on June 2, 2014
    Ok is anyone gonna mention the shit most gamers care about with fc4? Thats the editor. Fc2 editor was better than fc3. The physics engine fc3 just plain sucks
  96. magicka on June 5, 2014
    ubisoft u better put the vehicals in the mp this time an also give us the option to set time to what we want (longer then 20min) or alot of players will be mad an wont play the mp....
  97. Leo on June 11, 2014
    Hello, I wanted to know if the villain character profile corresponds to a sex offender, or is it just my impression? wanted to know if there is official information about this or where I can contact to get it. thanks
  98. chrollolucifer on June 12, 2014
    ok.and the engine? still use Dunia engine but modified or brand new engine?
  99. Tobias J Robertson on June 17, 2014
    What if the bad character, I can't think of his name, and the main character, can't think of his name either, where father and son? In the first 5 minutes of the game the bad guy recognized the mains eyes, could have his mothers eyes, and he also clears his schedule so they can fuck shit up. Every evil father wants to rule with there son, take darth vader and luke skywalker for a example, the son rebels against the father. That could be exactly what is happening in far cry 4
  100. LOLWUT on June 23, 2014
    ITS OVER 9000.... wait wrong forum :P
  101. Bullmess on July 16, 2014
    Hope we will finally get some offline multiplayer with A.I. on user created maps.Thats one thing i really liked about the prior3 ,the map editor..dont get me wrong you gotta be a real fan to enjoy there so/ so online multiplayer ( which i do) it would be a nice surprize. Search Bullmess on fc2&fc3 user maps online(Xbox360) or go to Far Cry map forums top maps every name u see is from my group of friends ...mikeglive/deathweapon/m1bumper/lngrider and so on ..we all spend countless ours on maps and play them...Like Dr.Steve Brule says,"CHECK IT OUT"
  102. Bullmess on July 16, 2014
    Hahaha i said countless OURS instead of HOURS......
  103. henery sing on July 27, 2014
    Far Cry 4 Beta Keys >>
  104. mega-flashSl on August 4, 2014
    Только у нас есть игры кик бутовский сорвиголова заходите, не пожалеете!!!
  105. nepali on August 7, 2014
    If the game represents Nepalese character, geography and context, why is Hindi used as the language? Why not Nepali?
  106. rustravelsSot on August 25, 2014
    Только тут - Читать дальше - страны Арктики и Антарктика. Северные экспедиции и открытия. Русский Север самое интересное!
  107. wallcomalah on August 26, 2014
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  109. Mike on August 28, 2014
    Lets talk about the important topic here. Is ubisoft going to ban vehicles in multiplayer like they did in FarCry3? It greatly hindered map making knowing all maps have to be walking sized.
  110. mysterylifewani on August 29, 2014
    Тут - все тайны и факты! На сайте действительно информация про все и всех. Я сама была поражена, откуда они все знают???
  111. tourodessaEr on August 30, 2014
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  112. Huh? on August 31, 2014
    Wait its NOT coming out for my PS1?
  113. Karan on September 10, 2014
    Why the language in the game is in Hindi. Fuck you Ubisoft
  114. Murt on September 16, 2014
    Why on Earth is everyone whining about what consoles it will be on? It's a fourth game. therefore the game itself will have better technology than the third game. Not that complicated of a concept, really. If you're worried about consoles limiting the game's performance, here's a crazy idea for you: Don't buy a console.
  115. Jai on September 17, 2014
    i'm glad its on current gens too, because i don't wanna buy a new console to play it
  116. Rakesh Chowdhury on October 9, 2014
    nice g
  117. Blessing on October 15, 2014
    That's a genuinely imsiepsrve answer.

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