Far Cry 4 – Welcome to Kyrat

Pack away your tropical gear, because Far Cry 4 is heading to the Himalayas.

Far Cry 4

Announced today, Far Cry 4 will release this year on November 18 in the US and November 20 in EMEA territories. The game will be available on both generations of consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with Windows PC.

Taking a sharp turn away from the lush island jungles of the top-rated Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 is set in Kyrat, an untamed region currently ruled by a despotic self-appointed king. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the achingly beautiful views; Kyrat is a wild land full of perils. Once again, players will be able to craft their own stories as they travel through this exotic open world teeming with wildlife – using their wits along with an assortment of powerful weapons and diverse vehicles.

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said Dan Hay, Executive Producer. “Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

Development on Far Cry 4 is being led by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev.

For an exclusive first look at Far Cry 4, be sure to tune in to Ubisoft’s media briefing at E3.

Monkey Around With Hurk

Seems like you can’t keep a crazy man down. The popular nutjob from Far Cry 3 returns in Far Cry 4 in a series of three single-player missions, available in the game’s Limited Edition. The great news: pre-order Far Cry 4 and you’ll receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which not only includes the Hurk’s Redemption missions but also The Impaler – Hurk’s hefty harpoon gun. Pre-orders are available now through all major retailers.

Far Cry 4 - Limited Edition - Preorder

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

Release date — November 18, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs
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pagan 5pts

the best game of the world thank you ubisoft

pagan 5pts

is a very good game 

RocketLauncher 5pts

You know there was a lot of fan fare in the game that the fortress would be very hard to take out and that you should call for help do it in a "team" so to speak.

Granted it was hard but I managed lone wolf style, with a bit of luck I might add as I ran out of arrows. I came very close to pulling it off with no alarms, but alas all 3 alarms were triggered in the end. Talk about all hell breaking loose... LOL.

Anyway, it was a challenge as I spent a whole day testing and planning... figuring out what would work and what would not. Then another 2.5 hours the next day to pull it off. The attack was rather unexpected as I had only a few outposts captured I don't know if that helped or not? Is the AI that smart? 

Alas, my lone wolf friends... it can be done. I did it and I'm pretty sure I can do it again if need be. Playing on normal setting. I loved FarCry3 and from what I see so far FarCry4 isn't far off. The grappling hook, chopper and attempts of hostiles taking back outposts really gives a much better feel of realism that was sorely lacking in FarCry3.

Love it so far!  


Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5pts

Why cross gen is bad: Environment can only be as large as the system can handle. A PS4 / XB1 only game will have much larger, detailed worlds than the PS3 / XB360 can handle. No amount of porting will solve this. Now suck it

calamaris 5pts

I was wondering does pc and ps4 players able to play co-op together ?

Dyne 5pts

When can I digital download this for Xbox one??!!!!

Thanks for current gen
Thanks for current gen 5pts

I can't believe that people are complaining that it's a cross gen, just because you were stupid enough to buy a next gen console when u can just get a HDMI cord and it's almost the same. Most people cant offord a $500 or $400 console, I'm glad they made it cross gen. Besides what about all the people that don't have a next gen console.

Blessing 5pts

That's a genuinely imsiepsrve answer.

Jai 5pts

i'm glad its on current gens too, because i don't wanna buy a new console to play it

Murt 5pts

Why on Earth is everyone whining about what consoles it will be on? It's a fourth game. therefore the game itself will have better technology than the third game. Not that complicated of a concept, really. If you're worried about consoles limiting the game's performance, here's a crazy idea for you: Don't buy a console.

Karan 5pts

Why the language in the game is in Hindi. Fuck you Ubisoft

Huh? 5pts

Wait its NOT coming out for my PS1?

tourodessaEr 5pts

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Всегда Всегда про Одессу, самое интересное только там.

mysterylifewani 5pts

Тут - все тайны и факты!

На сайте действительно информация про все и всех. Я сама была поражена, откуда они все знают???

Mike 5pts

Lets talk about the important topic here. Is ubisoft going to ban vehicles in multiplayer like they did in FarCry3? It greatly hindered map making knowing all maps have to be walking sized.

ruregionsPeni 5pts

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а в целом все замечательно

rustravelsSot 5pts

Только тут - Читать дальше - страны Арктики и Антарктика. Северные экспедиции и открытия. Русский Север

самое интересное!

nepali 5pts

If the game represents Nepalese character, geography and context, why is Hindi used as the language? Why not Nepali?

Bullmess 5pts

Hahaha i said countless OURS instead of HOURS......

Bullmess 5pts

Hope we will finally get some offline multiplayer with A.I. on user created maps.Thats one thing i really liked about the prior3 ,the map editor..dont get me wrong you gotta be a real fan to enjoy there so/ so online multiplayer ( which i do) it would be a nice surprize. Search Bullmess on fc2&fc3 user maps online(Xbox360) or go to Far Cry map forums top maps every name u see is from my group of friends ...mikeglive/deathweapon/m1bumper/lngrider and so on ..we all spend countless ours on maps and play them...Like Dr.Steve Brule says,"CHECK IT OUT"


ITS OVER 9000.... wait wrong forum :P

Tobias J Robertson
Tobias J Robertson 5pts

What if the bad character, I can't think of his name, and the main character, can't think of his name either, where father and son? In the first 5 minutes of the game the bad guy recognized the mains eyes, could have his mothers eyes, and he also clears his schedule so they can fuck shit up. Every evil father wants to rule with there son, take darth vader and luke skywalker for a example, the son rebels against the father. That could be exactly what is happening in far cry 4

chrollolucifer 5pts

ok.and the engine? still use Dunia engine but modified or brand new engine?

Leo 5pts

Hello, I wanted to know if the villain character profile corresponds to a sex offender, or is it just my impression?

wanted to know if there is official information about this or where I can contact to get it. thanks

magicka 5pts

ubisoft u better put the vehicals in the mp this time an also give us the option to set time to what we want (longer then 20min) or alot of players will be mad an wont play the mp....

masterbalot 5pts

Ok is anyone gonna mention the shit most gamers care about with fc4? Thats the editor. Fc2 editor was better than fc3. The physics engine fc3 just plain sucks

amitmj 5pts

good see your courntry featured in a great game....

owen 5pts

yeees ! fc 3 is my favorite game and i hope fc 4 wil be too . i have no bad thing to say about the single player of fc3. but i give one tip for coop , make it possible to play with your friends on the map of single-player , players want to hunt, kill and explore togetter, alot of friends say that too so thats all i have to say. can not wait till it comes out !

Deon 5pts

I hope far cry 4 wil be more realistic like fc2. Fc3 was great but felt like an arcade shooter. The game world in fc2 also felt more diverse and believable.


LMFAO I love reading the comments from all the console scrubs. You 11yo piss stains need to understand something. The company that makes the game likes to make money. They need money to make more games. This means they need sales. To make sales, they will try to downgrade the game to work on your subpar consoles. Just play the fkn game and stop all this crying over what systems the game is made to run on. Anyone with half a braincell knows that games are written on PC's and dumbed down so you peasants can play them. Now go steal your mommies credit card and buy the preorder.

liquasilver 5pts

had a great laugh reading these comments. looking forward to the game.

Dennis 5pts

Anyone knows if FC4 gonna be on steam??

Jason 5pts

F*****g hell! This is Nepal....OMG! This is awesome. It's not in India. In one of the posters there's a symbol that is in the Nepali flag.

Austin 5pts

With the return on the map editor probably coming I would like to see where multiple people can edit maps in the same session also it would be awesome if you could pop in and out of edit mode with the click of a button all these are similar to the halo franchise forge mode. What do you guys think?

Александр 5pts

А руская озвучка будет?А то хочу пред заказ сделать,но far cry без русской озвучки не far cry

Nadeem 5pts

I think its contain Airships and Bike and good vehicle add. All old part of Farcry has no heavy vehicle fun. I always like this type of Game I LIKE FARCRY series i like it.

blood dragon
blood dragon 5pts

this poster looks so gay..!!! Nevermind.. Much awaited for this one. Btw far cry 3 was the best... And Vaas thanx for the insanity

Btw one more thing to be noticed.

Kyrat - Rkyat(rakyat) same letters used just like word scrabbles

blood dragon
blood dragon 5pts

this poster looks so gay..!!! Nevermind.. Much awaited for this one. Btw far cry 3 was the best... And Vaas thanx for the insanity

pow1 5pts

@Huh?  you mean I cant play it on my 386 DX66??? the world shakes to a halt nooooooooooooooo........

Bullmess 5pts

Ding ding ding..we have a winner! U r right fc2 looked more realistic to me fc3 looked more cellshaded(cartoonish)..None the less i played the hell out of both of those games and still do to this day...the 1st was great until the mutant monsters came n2 the picture,I didnt care for that to much....cant wait for part4

Chris 5pts

You realize that the only thing PC's have over Consoles are graphics, framerate, and cheaper games (assuming that Steam is used) right? The gameplay and story will be the exact same, and those are the only things that matter in a video game. You don't really have anything to brag about.

Pwnicus 5pts

The link to this news article came from the main Steam page for Far Cry 3... and since the previous titles are on Steam, I'd say FC4 being on Steam would be a safe bet.

reply_boot 5pts

And they feel better, have better physic, better modding community( if consoles have any, i dont know), you can upgrade your PC while with consoles you are limmited with wath you can afford at the time you buy it, consoles lack the abillity for editing game files PLUS( and both of this is biggest bullshit you guys need to swallow) you need constant internet connection and cant play older games on newer machines. No need to say that we, on a PC, not only can play older titles- I can play games made for your consoles( sooner or later). Just to be clear - having bigger framerate is huge advantage and because graphic IS no.1 priority to any game developer in any sector( pc or consoles) today- we really DO have "better" games.

NotsewMad 5pts

I do hope this game is as good as it looks and the actual game play at least as good as FC3. Possibly with another cool Skrillex track or more.

At this time FC4 appears to be available to pre order at most places apart from Steam... If it's not on Steam I will not buy it no matter how good it is.