Exploring The Graffiti of The Division

If you’ve played The Division, there’s a good chance you’ve taken a moment or two to look at the numerous pieces of graffiti spread across Manhattan’s urban landscape. But have you ever wondered how that specific art got there? Meet Amr Din, the authenticity coordinator of visual identity at Reflections, and one of many talented people who helped make The Division’s interpretation of New York City as realistic as possible.

In this behind-the-scenes interview, Amr takes us to one of his favorite tag houses, where he tells us about his passion for exploring hidden subcultures and how it relates to his work on The Division.

“What I love about these places is that there’s a sense of adventure, a sense of escapism and a sense of a different view – of different worlds and different people. You get to know people without having to experience, directly, their life. It changes your worldview,” he says. “I think The Division is perfect for that, it really taps into the peoples vision of hope, despair. You have this society that was on top of the world suddenly crumbled, and now it’s not about killing people or being the best, it’s about helping the people around you and helping society. And I think that’s what I appreciate about The Division, it’s very in line with the work that I do outside of my job.”

Want to check out the graffiti for yourself? The Division is currently out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more information on the game, check out these previous stories:

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