Who are Ubisoft’s 2016 Star Players?

Through its 30 years of making video games, Ubisoft has always worked to establish a relationship with gamers. Thanks to social media, forums and community websites, the teams working on our games are able to read what our players think, hear their ideas, and engage in discussion with passionate gamers every single day. As more and more communities has blossom on sites all over the internet, our teams started looking for more ways to give back and reward those fans who show their love for our brands. This gave birth to the Ubisoft Star Players program.

The project was launched back in 2013 by the Ubisoft Club team, who invited some of our most active fans to join us at E3 and Gamescom for a VIP experience. Since then, the Ubisoft Club and Community teams have been working together on giving fans the opportunity to celebrate their passion, share exclusive moments, meet our dev teams, get hands-on with some of our biggest upcoming titles and more.

“We see so many people creating amazing content around our different brands, and this program is a way for us to give back and say thank you for their contribution” explains Damien Moret, Ubisoft Club Brand Director. The Star Players themselves represent every aspect of our communities producing videos, creating websites or moderating forums

To get a better idea of who these players are, we spoke with three of our Community Developers who helped select the lucky representatives for each brand.

Charbel, Ubisoft Star Player at Gamescom 2016 as told by Andrien Gbinigie, Community Developer at Ubisoft Montreal
“Charbel is the very definition of a Ubisoft fan. From the moment he first burst on to the scene, he’s come to embody many of the positive qualities that the community of Ubisoft gamers is known for. He was very active in the Assassin’s Creed Initiates program early on, and proved himself to be quite the code cracker too. He always has a positive outlook and genuine excitement surrounding Ubisoft, and that was a big plus around that time.

Charbel has always been excellent at kick starting conversation within the community, on a variety of topics. His knowledge of a wide range of Ubisoft games, from Assassin’s Creed to Far Cry to Splinter Cell, meant that he eventually came to be seen as a Thought Leader and someone whose opinions the community could count on.”

Brandon and Zach, For Honor Star Players at E3 2016 as told by Emile Gauthier, Community Developer on For Honor
“We noticed Zach and Brandon during our For Honor Community Reporter Contest a few months ago. They submitted their video to the contest and the whole team really liked it! They were hilarious, professional and they had a really good dynamic together. They won the contest and went to E3 where we finally met in person. Zach and Brandon are super motivated people, and great community ambassadors with very positive vibes. They created a lot of videos for the For Honor community, and since then, they have been super involved on social media, spreading the love about our game and about Ubisoft in general”

Avery, Watch Dogs Star Player at PAX West 2016, as told by… himself!
“I cosplay and do graphic design for the community to give me feedback on and enjoy, but I also like to speculate about what roles the characters have in the story, their relationships, what gadgets we will get to use and play with, customization options, etc.
The feedback I get on my cosplay work just warms my heart. You’d think posting the same cosplay ever two weeks wouldn’t generate more responses, but at this point a lot of people think I’m the headlining Marcus cosplayer for the Watch Dogs team, which is super flattering. I poured my heart and soul into making this character as one to one as possible, many sleepless nights went into it, and for the community to not only see that, but embrace it, almost brings me to tears. They are just so easy to talk to, joke around, and fanboy with!”

For our Community teams, “the Star Player program is an on-going initiative that we will continue to grow in the coming years. By the end of this month already, we will invite a new group of Star Players to join us at Paris Games Week 2016” concludes Damien.

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