Trackmania² Lagoon out now on PC!

If you like your driving with a side-order of kerazy, Nadeo’s Trackmania² Lagoon is now available for Windows PC on Uplay, Steam and Maniaplanet.


Lagoon arrives as the fourth part of the Trackmania² collection (after Valley, Canyon and Stadium), and sees players racing around a stunning tropical island. Lagoon’s tracks will take you from slippery off-road sand and surf, up into the sky across precarious wood and steel roller coasters, and flailing into nothingness as you catch sweet air off preposterous jumps.


The 65 tracks in Lagoon’s connected single player campaign are split across 5 difficulty levels, and are designed to reflect the tropical island’s arcade stylings – with all the stomach-churning leaps, loops, twists and flips you can handle.

You’ll also find 5 multiplayer game modes, including a new official team based mode called Chase. Chase requires players to work together in a chaotic, stoppy startey form of relay: the last of a team’s players to pass through one checkpoint has to be the first through the next – so tactics are about more than pure speed.


As ever, Trackmania² has a heavy focus on content creation and sharing – with built-in editors allowing players to do everything from painting their cars to building their own tracks. The recent upgrade to ManiaPlanet version 4 allows creators to go even further, adding improved scripting, a mesh modeller for the creation of 3D objects in-game, an editor to link user-created tracks into a complete solo campaign, and a title maker to add the personal touch to your creations.

ManiaPlanet 4 also cranks things up behind the scenes, with improved CPU and GPU performance, faster loading times and more.


Fancy giving it a go? Good news! Trackmania² now has a demo on ManiaPlanet, enabling unlimited free access to multiplayer channels in all the game’s environments (including Lagoon) – and letting you get a feel for things before you push the button and lay down £15.99 on the full version.


For all the latest on Trackmania², check out the Trackmania site and stay tuned to UbiBlog!

Trackmania² Lagoon

Release date — May 23rd, 2017
Developer — Nadeo
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