Trackmania² Lagoon coming May 23rd, Maniaplanet update out now!

Trackmania² Lagoon hits PC (on Uplay, Steam and Maniaplanet) on May 23rd, bringing the fourth environment to the Trackmania² series. Lagoon’s tracks take racers between the palm trees and crystal-clear waters of Lagoon island, where they’ll experience a brand-new solo campaign, a new official team game mode called Chase, and all the crazy multiplayer shenanigans you’ve come to expect from Trackmania.


In preparation, there’s a new update for Maniaplanet releasing today, bringing major technical improvements and engine optimisations that should bring increased performance to all PC gamers. Maniaplanet 4 also comes with three major new features: A mesh model editor enabling creators to build 3D objects directly inside the game, enriching and personalising their tracks; An editor to build solo campaigns; Free access to the cutting-edge multiplayer channel system, an open and simple gateway to user-generated content and activities. For more, here’s a quick EDUCATIONAL trailer.

For more on Trackmania² Lagoon, check out, and for more on Maniaplanet hit up As always, stay tuned to Ubiblog for all the latest news.

Trackmania² Lagoon

Release date — May 23rd, 2017
Developer — Nadeo
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