Terrance and Phillip join South Park: Phone Destroyer

This week, South Park’s Terrance and Phillip come to South Park: Phone Destroyer! Players on Android or iOS devices can collect them through an in-game event, this weekend. The duo can be summoned to battle and create havoc with their signature abilities, powerful bursts of noxious weaponized flatulence. They join an extensive 94-character roster of other South Park favourites.


Adding Terrance and Phillip to the game is only one example of the collaboration between Ubisoft studio RedLynx and South Park Digital Studios. “When considering updates for South Park: Phone Destroyer, we immediately look to the show for inspiration,” says Creative Director Justin Swan. “Known for extremely timely content and what seems like impossibly relevant jokes, you never know what will happen in a new episode of South Park. We had this crazy goal to bring the same attitude to Phone Destroyer and release fresh content within days of the show airing. It’s required a ton of work by our team and a very tight content pipeline, and it’s certainly been worth the effort.”

South Park: Phone Destroyer is available on the App Store for iOS, and on the Play Store for Android devices. Watch this interview with Matt and Trey and be sure to follow South Park: Phone Destroyer on Facebook for more info, upcoming events and updates!