South Park The Fractured But Whole – I Am The Fart announced, plus tips from Mr. Methane

For anyone keeping score, South Park The Fractured But Whole recently went gold, has been receiving great feedback from previewing press, and hits stores on October the 17th.

Now it’s your chance to make your mark on the game (thosugh try not to make too much of a mark) with new initiative “I Am The Fart.”


So here’s the thing: aspects of the game’s combat focus on flatulence, and it’s not easy finding appropriate accompanying audio in high-brow sound effect libraries. With that in mind, we’re looking to you, dear reader, to input your output and become The Official Fart of South Park The Fractured But Whole. Here’s a video to explain more:

So how does it work?  Well, anyone over the age of 18 who thinks they can hit the right (brown) note, can now upload videos of their best performances to the I Am The Fart website (entries close on the 16th of October.)  Visitors to the site will vote on their favourite farts, and – at the end of the contest – the top ten will be put before a jury consisting of members of the South Park The Fractured But Whole development team, South Park Digital Studios, and experts in the field such as the UK’s own Mr Methane (more on him later.)  The chosen winner will be whisked to San Francisco to visit the game’s development studio, where they’ll meet the team and record a final bottom-burp for inclusion in the game (as part of a post-launch update.)

Methane Speaks

Mr Methane
   Mr Methane – stay upwind of this man.

For hot strats, I spoke to one of the world’s finest flautists (and I Am The Fart competition judge), the UK’s own legendary Mr Methane.

Back in 1985, when he was just fifteen, Mr Methane’s sister encouraged him to try his hand (and the rest of his body) at yoga. It was whilst in the throes of the Full Lotus position that he discovered an unusual talent for controlled, musical flatulence.

Increasingly popular secret performances at his school in Macclesfield, Cheshire followed – earning him a local reputation for his skills, and a few quid from fellow pupils. After leaving school, he swapped guffing for chuffing, working for British Rail as a train driver until the early 90s when he decided to take his musical bum professional. He started this new show-business career by opening for local Macclesfield bands, before later headlining his own shows and eventually performing to adoring (and occasionally horrified) audiences around the world.

I asked Methane about his proudest moments. “Well, the highlights for me have been the crazy European television chat shows, and radio shows like Howard Stern – as well as making and releasing my own DVD ‘Mr Methane Let’s Rip!’ I’m proud that I hold the record for the most complaints about an appearance on Australian TV [following a performance on Channel 9’s The Footy Show], as well as being banned by the BBC for singing a duet of ‘Da Do Ron Ron’ with British Comedian Frank Skinner – an act that didn’t go unnoticed by Phil Spector.” According to Skinner’s autobiography, while receiving a lifetime achievement award on Australian TV, Spector talked about the shabby way artists were treated, singling out the ‘Da Do Ron Ron’ performance as desecration of art.

Mr Methane’s career in “Controlled Anal Voicing” has only gone from strength to strength since, rendering him perhaps the best-known flautist on Earth.

Finding your voice

With that in mind, I tapped him up for any expert tips he could give potential “I Am The Fart” contestants.

“Be yourself,” he says, “Make your farts fit your character, be comfortable in them and let them express who you are and what you want to say.” He also feels that diet and fitness are a factor: “Staying farting fit is most important. You have to strain hard in this business if you want to be Number 2.” What about warm-up exercises? “Yes definitely, you have to stretch and warm up the major muscle groups to avoid injury – it’s exactly like a being pro sportsman.” And how should one go about preparing for a big event? “Be fit, be switched on, but be relaxed at the same time – it sounds contradictory but once you’ve had one or two goes at performance-flatulism it’ll all make sense.”

Another key factor is avoiding the follow-through. “It’s all about knowing when to stop as you’re holding that last note,” explains Methane, “so that you don’t go all the way and catch a bear in the net. That comes from feel, which comes from experience which comes from practice.”

“Proper farting,” he adds, “is a discipline.”

With those sage words ringing in my ears, I asked Methane how people could stay up to date on his activities. “Well, is my HQ – I also have YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram pages for those that prefer. I’m also touring Australia in October and November – all the big cities – so if anyone is reading this down under, come along and get yourself a ringside seat.”


If you think you’re up to the challenge, don’t forget to participate at before the 16th of October – and be sure to check out all the terms and conditions on the site.

South Park the Fractured But Whole hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 17th of October. Check out our previous coverage, and stay tuned to Ubisoft Blog for all the latest on the game.

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