Sam, Ubisoft’s Personal Gaming Assistant, is now available worldwide!

The Ubisoft Club wants to make it easier than ever for you to get more out of the games you play and find out more about the latest and greatest from Ubisoft. To do that, the Ubisoft Club created Sam, a personal gaming assistant embedded in the Ubisoft Club mobile app, that can provide you with personalized information and tips related to you and your games.

Sam is now available worldwide in beta (English only) – just download the Ubisoft Club app on Android or iOS to start chatting! Let’s say you’re looking to see the games we’ve already announced for E3 or what your playtime is in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. All you have to do is fire up the app, call up Sam through your keyboard (or voice input), and ask away – like in the video below:

Behind the scenes, Sam is leveraging the power of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a NLP (Natural language Processing) solution developed by Google Cloud. It understands and interprets user input to craft the best answer possible. Over the last six months, Sam was asked around 400 000 questions, which grew its database 10 times. All of those questions will ultimately make for a smoother, smarter, and sometimes funnier experience as the database grows.


On top of Sam’s ability to share news and personalized information, it can provide special insights on your games by analyzing your gaming patterns, favourite gear, strengths, and weaknesses. Starting with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Sam sends a notification that pushes tips and information tailored to players’ game stats. For example, if your win rate is low on a particular map or if you’re struggling with a new Operator, Sam will be on hand to share select community-created content with tips tailored to your specific needs each time you start a Rainbow Six Siege session.

Backed by an open-development vision, Sam is the newest feature from the Ubisoft Club that will grow with community participation, but not just by asking Sam questions. Players will also be able to up or down vote content and propose new content directly in the app. Sam also regularly updates its content every week based on feedback and new feature ideas that come straight from its users.

Download the Ubisoft Club app now: on Android and iOS and be sure to follow them on Twitter: @UbisoftClub

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