Rainbow Six Siege – Six Invitational Star Player interview

In early February, the biggest Rainbow Six Siege event so far took place in Montreal, Canada. The Six Invitational featured three days of professional competition and exclusive access to the Velvet Shell operation, all streamed live to the passionate Rainbow Six community. For this event, we wanted to do something special for our community around the world, so we asked three of our Star Players – Twitch streamers Derek (@PunjiStickGG), Renee (@LolRenayNay) and EdE (@EdEMonster) – to report live from the event and give you the inside scoop!

We’ve also compiled some Six Invitational highlights for you, as captured by Renee, Derek, and EdE. We also sat down with Derek and EdE for a quick post-event debriefing.

Which of you has the best shot at going pro? Who runs the biggest risk of ending a match with the coveted zero-kills Dahdii Donut?

EdE: I always bet on myself when push comes to shove. At this stage, though, I’d give it to Derek having a shot at going pro for his deeper experience with PC shooters, as I grew up on the sticks [console].

Derek: This is a weird one. I have the best shot at going pro, because EdE sucks and Renee would absolutely hate that level of competition. However, I also feel I’m by far at the biggest risk of ending a match with the donut. Not on purpose, either.

What do you think about the new map, Coastline?

Derek: The new map is great! I haven’t played it nearly as much as I’d like to. I love the art style of it, it’s not as overwhelming with the destructible environment as some of the previous DLC maps, and it gives me a lot of freedom to move around in tons of tactical ways.

EdE: Coastline is an absolutely beautiful map! Even weeks after its launch, I’m still learning new things about the map, and that’s always exciting. It’s a treat to have a map I actually like, and not be hit with another yacht or favelas (sorry not sorry, still love you, devs).

What is your favourite memory from the event?

EdE: The energy! The hype! The passion! All of these are my bread and butter when it comes to gaming, and to see that from the players, the commentators and the crowd – there’s no feeling like it! An insane 10-0 sweep on Xbox, and one of the best PC finals I’ve seen yet!

Which team were you rooting for? Did you expect Continuum to win back-to-back championships?

EdE: I was actually rooting for eRa! I love Continuum, and they’re rightfully the champs. But one thing about being a community leader is that I have the honour of getting to meet and know all these pro players, so it’s hard to pick. However, one of my first friends to go pro in R6 is my boy Slash [eRa Eternity team member], and I had to have his back. Getting back to the last question: one of the best PC finals yet, and I was there in the flesh!

What advice do you have for people interested in checking out Rainbow Six Siege?

Derek: Siege is easily the most unique shooter on the market. The gunplay is pretty easy to get a hang of, but the real grind for the game is map knowledge. The sooner you know and understand the maps, callouts, and general flow of gameplay, the sooner you’ll start really enjoying yourself. The destructible environment takes a hot minute to get used to, but once you start using it to your advantage, the game truly shows how unique it can be.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the community about the Six Invitational?

EdE: If you’re a fan of Rainbow Six: Siege, there is no better experience than going to the Invitational and seeing the top teams from around the world battling it out. It’s an experience that will hype you up, show you some of the highest-level gameplay, and leave you with more passion to grow as a player and member of the community!

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