Rainbow Six Siege – Single-Player and TerroHunt

Fans of Rainbow Six have been clamoring for one major thing since Rainbow Six Siege was revealed at E3 2014: Terrorist Hunt. And the developers are giving them exactly what they want. Today at the Ubisoft press conference, TerroHunt was shown off for the first time. It’s certainly back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before. PvE makes up roughly half of the game, and Game Designer Andrew Witts was there to walk us through the scenario-based single-player – and, of course, the new modes that make up TerroHunt, including a Classic mode for die-hard fans.

Rainbow Six Siege

Taking on Single-Player

After years of dormancy, the Rainbow program has been reactivated by a new Six (voiced by Angela Bassett) to combat a new enemy known only as the White Masks. You have been called on to assemble an elite team of specialists from counter-terrorist units around the world, and in Rainbow Six Siege, you will recruit these Operators through various missions, by playing any mode and gaining renown.

The White Masks are a relative mystery. Their motives and goals are unknown, but we do know they have no qualms with taking innocent lives. “We don’t know what they want, but they are wreaking havoc all over the world,” says Witts. “Rainbow is the taskforce called in to take down this threat. It’s up to you to rebuild the program under Six’s direction.”

Rainbow Six Siege

“The single-player is really about the player’s story, and the player’s impact on the Rainbow Six universe,” continues Witts. Rainbow Six Siege is bringing us back to the scenario-based missions from previous Rainbow titles. Each scenario is designed with single-player in mind, though all of them can be played in co-op. As with the Hostage Rescue mode revealed at E3 last year, there’s no respawning; if you go down once, you’re down for good.

“Every single mode in the game is one-life-only,” says Witts. “We really did think about having respawns, but it didn’t feel as tense as we wanted it to. We wanted you to have to move slowly and pick your shots. We want you to have to really think about your actions. As soon as you tell someone they only have one life, you see a very sudden shift in the way they play.”

The White Masks

And you really will have to be incredibly careful, because not only are your enemies smarter and more varied than ever before, they’ll be able to use your own siege tactics against you by barricading themselves in buildings, setting traps and shooting through walls. In short, if you can do it, so can they. Each enemy archetype will appear in all PvE modes, so you would do well to learn them by sight and strategy.

Rainbow Six Siege

Enemies like the Engineer are able to lay down reinforcements and barricades, and handle all the fortifications for the enemy AI. The Roamers are lightly armored, quick on their feet and constantly patrolling, and they’ll fire the second they see you. They also adapt their techniques on the fly to give them a better chance to flank you. The Ambushers are devious; they might pick a doorway and stand just to side of it with a shotgun aimed at head level. The second you pass through… Well, you really don’t want to go through that doorway. Be sure to take full advantage of your recon drones and scout the house fully before pushing on.

Then there’s the Alpha – a truly terrifying monster. He’s fully armored and carries a 100-round LMG, and it’ll take nearly everything you’ve got to bring him down. You’ll want to eliminate him quickly, too, because he’s strapped with a bomb vest. If he breaks free and comes at you, he’ll blow himself up once he’s in range, and take you out with him.

Rainbow Six Siege

The Return of TerroHunt

It’s what everyone has been asking about since Rainbow Six Siege was announced last year at E3. Now the development team is ready to show off what they’ve built: the newest iteration of the fan-favorite mode. First, there’s the Classic TerroHunt mode, which will feel familiar to many fans of the old-school Terrorist Hunt mode, but has some new twists to make it even more challenging and exciting. Then there are new modes, like Disarm Bombs, which was shown off during the E3 press conference in a new gameplay video; and Protect Hostage, which is similar to the Hostage Rescue PvP mode, except that instead of trying to stop the Attackers from rescuing the hostage, you’re trying to prevent enemy AI from assassinating the VIP.

This new TerroHunt presents the opportunity for defensive fortification gameplay against the AI – something that has never been seen before in Rainbow Six. You’ll work to secure an area, and rather than other players trying to breach in and attack you, it will be the White Masks.

In modes like Disarm Bombs, you will breach an area that has been fortified by the AI. They will be set up all over the map, laying traps and waiting for you to attempt an attack. You will need to seek out two locations where bombs have been set, and place a defuser. This will start a countdown, and as you wait it out, waves of enemies will rush the area, breaching walls and windows and doing everything in their power to destroy your defuser and eliminate your team.

Rainbow Six Siege

Similar to PvP, PvE will have a very in-depth matchmaking system. You can play with your friends or you can customize your experience and invite strangers who want to play on the same settings as you. “We wanted the PvE to mirror the PvP in that way,” says Witts. “You can pick your favorite maps and settings and just let people who want to play that same stuff come to you. Of course, if you just want to play and don’t care what the settings are, we support that too. We can just put you in a match with people who are at the same level as you.”

We will have a lot more to share on Rainbow Six Siege and TerroHunt mode, so keep an eye on the UbiBlog E3 2015 hub for more features and previews.