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With Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation White Noise season launching this week, UbiBlog US’ Chris Watters met the team to find out a bit about the design of the expansion, and how it gives a hint at the thinking behind Year 3’s content.

Alexandre Remy, Rainbow Six Siege Brand Director, explains that the goal with White Noise is to have a season that’s about intel and communication, and “forcing communication through the operators that you meet.” This ethos works its way into both the character’s intel-gathering and destroying skills, and a map which lacks the “inside-outside” design used in the game so far, meaning you never know quite where your enemies are.

While we’ve already covered the new operator’s skills here, an interesting take-away from Watters’ video is that the team are working to make their personalities and stories more layered and deeper than before. “Dokkaebi and Vigil represent the way we want to start doing things with our characters,” says Lucien Soulban, Siege’s Lead Writer.

Writer Farah Daoud-Brixi explains: “When you play a game you always imagine a story, you can’t help yourself – it’s human nature, you want to create stories between those characters. You can see that some of them just play really well together. It’s the same thing with all the operators, we want to create more and more layers to them to create some complex and multi-layered characterisation to explain the way that you feel when you play them.”

This deeper focus also goes into the design of the Operators abilities. Game Designer Jean-Baptiste Halle explains that new Polish GROM Operator Zofia originally threw her grenades by hand, but the team found lacked personality. Instead they gave her a grenade launcher and the ability for her grenades to bounce off walls. Through this, they found a gameplay style that previously didn’t exist in the game: “this depth of, ok, how creative can you get when it comes to making it bounce and not exposing yourself but reaching a very specific point.”

The design of White Noise’s Tower level also goes outside Siege’s norms. “We know exactly how to build a Siege map,” explains Level Designer Jeremy Dowsett, “what we did with Tower was make the inside and outside ‘one’ There’s no differentiation. On the normal maps, you go outside, and then there’ll be a warning if you’re a defender saying ‘hey you’re outside the map, you’ll be detected.’ In Tower there’s none of that.”

To sum up, Halle explains, “we feel that there are many territories in Siege, when it comes to the specific grammar of how the game plays – what a round looks like, what the different phases of a round are, what you do when you’re alive, what you do when you’re dead – that we haven’t explored that much. I’m very excited about a lot of the things we’re working on right now. The idea that we’re not just repeating ourselves within the same boundaries – we’re not just creating new operators, but also trying to expand the global grammar and vocabulary that they’re using to try and make the gameplay even more complex and deep.”

For more on the Operation White Noises’s characters, map, and new features and fixes, check out the official site here.

White Noise is due to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on December 5th. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, check out our previous coverage.


Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow 6 Siege is the latest installment in the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Inspired by the reality of counter terrorist operatives across the world, Rainbow 6 Siege invites players to master the art of destruction. Intense close quarters confrontations, high lethality, tactics, team play, and explosive action are at the center of the experience.
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