Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership finals hit Leicester this weekend

It’s been a bumper year for Rainbow Six Siege eSports. Alongside the International Pro League and Invitational, the local tournaments and leagues have drawn in enthusiastic players.

The weekly UK and Ireland ESL Go4 Cups launched last December, through which Fable Esports, 1nFamy, Vexed Gaming and Xenos.GG qualified for the next-level ESL Premiership. Before the Premiership began, open qualifiers added Team Enyx, Radix, Horizon Union and 1UPeSport to the line-up.

Once the Premiership group stages kicked off in earnest this January, those eight teams brought out the big guns for their Monday night matches – battling for a chance of a place in the live LAN finals.

It’s those finals that are happening this weekend at ESL’s Studio 1 in Leicester.  On Saturday the 10th, Team Enyx, 1UpSport, Horizon Union and Radix will battle for a place in Sunday’s grand final, where a prize-pool of over £10,000 will be up for grabs.

Here’s a rundown of the teams:

Team Enyx

(M4DMAN, Mac, Blitz, HvKz and Prankzy.)

At this stage, Team Enyx look like the ones to beat. They’ve been a formidable force in the Premiership, dropping just two games (to Radix and 1nfamy) during the group stages. However, these losses occurred early weeks; once their strategies began to click after four weeks, they didn’t drop a single match. They also have LAN experience, having competed in the UK Invitational at Birmingham’s EGX last September (where they roundly beat every team they faced.) If M4DMAN’s incredible gun skills are on point, Enyx could be unbeatable.


(GreedyWillo, Kiza, Mop, Nygma, and Kimbae.)

1UPeSport are captained by GreedyWillo, a veteran of the UK scene. Their Premiership campaign got off to a slow start, dropping games to Vexed and Fable in the first couple of weeks. But as the team began to gel they rallied and won six out of their remaining matchups to secure their spot in the LAN final. All players in the team are strong, but Kiza has proved the most consistent. Three of the team (Nygma, Mop and Kimbae) have never played in a live final before – will they be able to handle the pressure?

Horizon Union

(Trxstan, TwoMass, Rum, 2Max and Jokerr.)

Horizon Union collected eight wins during the group stages to secure their spot in the finals, doing the double over Fable esports in week six, winning both games. Captain Trxstan and his experienced line up will be hoping to carry the strong form they showed at the end of the group stages into the finals.


(QuaKe, Pat, Fxbia, Melonz, CaPoni.)

Rank outsiders Radix are a true underdog story. Going into week six of the qualifiers, Radix were third in their group – one below the spot they needed to reach the finals. But they were one of only two teams to take a game off favourites Enyx in the group stages (beating them on the Coastline map in week 3) so they had the skills. In that final week, all they needed to do was win both games against Xenos.GG and they’d qualify – but the only team who’d managed this previously was Enyx.

When Radix went down 2-0 against Xenos on the Border map in their first game, it looked like the dream was fading – but they put in a valiant display and fought back to a triumphant 2-5 win. The remaining place in the LAN finals came down to their last matchup on the Oregon map. Neck and neck with Xenos after four ferocious games, Radix managed to find an extra gear and powered to a 5-3 win.

But it’s all to play for. As the they say in eSports, it’s not over till the OP team have rendered the losers rekt and salty after a serious ganking.

If you fancy heading down to the finals and getting a mouthful of eSports in person, why not head to this EventBrite page?  If you can’t make it down, then you can watch the live stream on ESL’s Twitch page, and get the latest updates on the matches via ESL’s UK Twitter and Facebook.

Good luck to all those involved!  We’ll have an update on the final results here at the Blog early next week.


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