Monopoly arrives on Nintendo Switch!

Monopoly is now available on Nintendo Switch. It’s all the fun of the original, but without the discomfort of trying to tease a miniature plastic hotel from the underside of your bare foot after failing to do an adequate clean up at the end of a session.  Enjoy the smooth jazz in the following trailer.

The Switch version allows players to enjoy the fast-dealing property trading game anywhere; whether that’s plopped on the sofa using your TV, or on-the-go in tabletop mode. The game supports up to five players in both offline and online modes – and, when online, you can find other players and challenge them in quick matches, or set up customised sessions where you choose how you want to play.


The game features three different 3D animated boards which live and evolve as you play, while HD Rumble lets you feel the roll of the dice like never before (except for that time when you rolled a real dice, but even that wasn’t as good*.) You can also choose from 6 official House Rule sets chosen by Monopoly fans from around the world – ensuring you can experience the game the way it’s known in your household.


Monopoly is available now on Nintendo Switch.

* Experience may vary.

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