Games for under a fiver? PSN sale ahoy!

Everyone loves a cheap game, right?  Well, if you’ve got a PS4, there’s currently a tasty sale on over at the PlayStation store where you can pick up some stone cold Ubisoft classics for less than a fiver (until the 22/03/2017)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War. This emotionally-touching, narrative-based, hand-drawn 2D puzzler follows the stories of four everyday folk caught up in World War I.  There’s beardy Frenchman Emile, his German son-in-law Karl, American soldier Freddie and Belgian Nurse Anna. Oh, and Walt the dog too.  This beautiful and unique game, rated 9/10 by the folks at Destructoid, can be yours for a frankly ridiculous £3.29.

Child of Light. This IGN 9.3/10 rated, side scrolling RPG follows Austrian Duke’s daughter Aurora and firefly Igniculus through the mythical classically-inspired world of Lemuria on a quest to bring back the moon and stars. Featuring an incredible soundtrack by French-Canadian artist Cœur de pirate this game is also a must own at just £3.29.

Trials Fusion. Slightly more than a fiver but still well worth a look is the latest in the Trials series. Rated 8/10 by Edge, this physics-based time-trialey bike-race-em-up game is stuffed full of single player and multiplayer content, plus a fully featured track builder.  nb: We accept no responsibility for you ending up with that Welcome to the Future song stuck in your head. It’s just £5.97.

If you’re feeling a bit more familial, why not check out some of our Hasbro board-game based titles.  There’s boat-sinker Battleship for £3.99, quiz-me-do Trivial Pursuit Live! for £3.99, world dominator Risk for £3.99, card game Monopoly Deal for £2.49, 3D board game Monopoly Plus for £4.99 and – if you’re feeling flush and really like Monopoly – the Monopoly Family Fun Pack (containing Monopoly Plus, My Monopoly which allows you to create your own board, Monopoly Deal and the Monopoly Rabbids DLC) for £9.49.


Trivial Pursuit Live!:



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Phil is so incredibly old that his earliest gaming memories involve those late-70s TV Pong clone machines made by Binatone, typing BASIC games into the one-piece keyboard of a Sinclair ZX80 from magazine listings, and the static burble of Commodore 64 tape loading. He does Marketing things in Ubisoft's Guildford office. He's been at the company for 20 years. The numpty.