How Far Cry 5 was optimised for PC

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Far Cry 5 both take advantage of those system’s respective features to produce some impressive visuals, but the Far Cry 5 development team wanted to make sure the PC version of the game inspired just as many breathtaking moments while taking advantage of the additional customisation options available on PC. Read on to find out how the team approached some of those features from Kirill Bragin, PC producer:

We’ve made a lot of great implementations to Far Cry 5’s PC version to make sure it’s a great experience for our PC fans.

In addition to tailoring gameplay elements like shooting and driving to PC-style input and doing a similar treatment on all the in-game and Menu-screen UI, we’ve also integrated some features that are specific to the PC Version. The weapon grid interface, for example, was created for mouse-friendly equipment selection. And of course, we implemented plenty of different mouse and keyboard options to allow players the ability to fine-tune their input experience. For example you can dedicate a hot-key for looting, instead of having to hold for the interaction to be executed.

Mouse Adaptation

The camera controls were adjusted to make shooting controls feel natural and precise with the mouse. You can change the mouse sensitivity with the Look Sensitivity slider in the Keyboard and Mouse options menu. There are separate sensitivity settings for different gameplay activities as well.

Weapon Grid

For the PC Version of Far Cry 5 we are introducing a brand new Weapon Grid input option. It allows you to choose your weapon or equipment more naturally with your mouse and keyboard. This is the default choice for players without controllers while the weapon wheel will automatically appear if you pick up a gamepad.

Driving and Fishing Adaptation

Players can adjust button press settings for a more analogue input using the sensitivity slider. For example, steering mechanics can be adapted in order to obtain a smoother wheel rotation.

In the fishing gameplay mechanics, you can control your reel-in speed with the duration of your button press.

Controls Customization

In order to give players the option to tailor their experience, we’ve added Hold/Toggle modes to interactions like Crouch, Weapon Aim and the Weapon Grid.

You can also toggle input inversion separately for each of the aerial gameplay mechanics: helicopter, wingsuit and airplane.

In fact, the PC version offers four different control sections: Ground, Vehicles, Planes, and Helicopters, with separate keys assigned for each section. If you are planning on doing this kind of remapping, the interactive keyboard will clearly show you what keys you still have available to you.

The PC version allows the player to take full advantage of all those buttons on a keyboard by adding a lot of different input options. For example, we make it possible to switch weapons with just one button press.

UI Adaptation

In addition to all those keyboard options, on Far Cry 5, we have also put a lot of focus on implementing a great mouse-centric UI. We make sure a player has the option to complete any UI interaction using only the mouse. That said, the mouse is not a requirement: all the menus stay usable while using a gamepad and, of course just a keyboard.

Gamepad Support

Far Cry 5 on PC fully supports different types of controllers such as Xbox 360, Xbox One and DualShock 4. The game switches on-the-fly between gamepad and mouse & keyboard controls without any explicit option changes by the player. Depending on the device you are using the game dynamically updates interface hits to match.

Video Options

Far Cry 5 PC allows you to fine-tune your render options in terms of quality and personal preference. While doing so, you will get in-depth and visual information about what each of those settings will impact in-game. From the technical settings point of view, resolution scaling is particularly useful if you are using a less powerful video card and want to have smoother performance or have powerful GPU with a good display and want to get the best image possible.

That said players won’t need to dive into the calibration menus if they don’t feel like it – the game will auto-detect the user’s hardware and will set the matching quality preset and resolution.


For an accurate estimation of game performance on your settings, Far Cry 5 PC includes a Benchmark feature with some slick results reporting. Not only does it closely resemble actual game performance, but also provides you with easy to read but detailed output. If you want to check results on different settings, the comparison screen makes it all easy and painless. You can even do report comparisons generated in html and seamlessly review it in the Uplay overlay!


Far Cry 5 PC implements various optimizations for a wide range of hardware configurations. This allows players to have a great experience and stable frame rate on older hardware, but also have the option to get fabulous 4K performance if they’ve invested in higher end PC setups. For example, Far Cry 5 takes full advantage of Multi-GPU setups with optimizations specific to those configurations. We also implemented a resources streaming specific to the PC version to help avoid any frame rate drops resulting in disk loads.

Hardware Partnerships

Far Cry 5 includes support for Tobii Eye-tracking hardware, Corsair RGB lighting integration and AMD Radeon technology integrations. For more details on these exciting collaborations, check out Tobii GamingCorsair and AMD.

We hope you really enjoy the PC version of Far Cry 5! Please stay tuned, as there are even more PC updates to come.

PC Producer

Kirill Bragin

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Release date — March 27th, 2018
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
PEGI 18+
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