E3 2018 – Upping the Antti in Trials Rising

On Monday at Ubisoft’s 2018 E3 conference, Red Lynx’s inimitable Antti Ilvessuo (Trials Creative Director and Prime Minister of Finland) took to the stage of the Orpheum Theatre to announce Trials Rising.

Having burst into the theatre through a cloud of smoke astride a dirt bike, Ilvessuo took a destructive tumble through an on-stage lectern before explaining, “Trials is all about crashing with style, and getting back up again.”

“Trials is back,” he confirmed, “and it’s bigger than ever.” He’s not kidding (Ilvessuo is a serious man.)  Developed by the team at Red Lynx in collaboration with Ubisoft’s Ukranian studios in Odessa and Kiev, the game features more tracks and features than ever before.

“Trials Rising takes you around the world to iconic locations. You never ride alone, and competition is everywhere – but competition is nothing without the players, and our community has always been a pillar of Trials. In Trials Rising we’ve worked with our players more than ever.”

Aside from Red Lynx and the Ukranian teams, twenty key community members (known as the Trials Elite) – including track builders, streamers and speed runners – have been bringing their expertise to the development of Trials Rising for the past two years.

The game reaches through the mists of time to the roots of the almost 20-year-old series, bring the much-loved core gameplay back in a way that will challenge experts while ensuring beginners have a smooth difficulty curve to becoming masters.

Players will work through an entire Trials career from the humblest of beginnings in local competitions right up to huge International arenas – along the way racing others either as asynchronous ghosts, or in real-time online or local multiplayer.  There’s also the opportunity to smooth your way by working with sponsors on a huge variety of challenges.

Naturally, the legendary Trials Track Editor returns (bigger and better than ever, we’re informed) along with a full skin editor for bikes and outfits.  Sharing content with the community will allow creators to earn in-game rewards.

Should you find yourself feeling truly in-sync with another Trials player, why not climb aboard the Tandem-Bike mode.  One bike, two riders – each in control of half the power and balance.  Though be aware, Ubisoft and Red Lynx accept no responsibility for damaged friendships.

Before release, the game will be getting an online beta – so make sure you sign up right here for your chance to be involved.

Trials Rising will arrive on Xbox One, PS4, PC and – for the first time – Nintendo Switch in February 2019. Stay tuned to Ubisoft News for more on the game in the coming months, and get up to date on all our E3 news here.

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