The Crew 2 – Season Pass and free post-launch content revealed

With The Crew 2 racing towards launch on June 29th, it’s time to reveal all the extra goodies that come along with the game. Following release, The Crew 2 will receive regular updates in the form of two new vehicles per month. While these vehicles will be free for all players, players who purchase the Season Pass can add them to their collections seven days early. Additionally, Season Pass owners will get three exclusive vehicles on day one. Also, not only will racers who go for the Gold or Motor editions receive the Season Pass, but they’ll get early access to the full game three days ahead of its release.

In addition to new vehicles, the development team is committed to bringing brand new experiences to players as well. New Live Updates will release every three months after launch, adding new activities, features, and disciplines. The first update, Gator Rush, arrives in September and will introduce hovercraft, five new vehicles, and new events. Gator Rush will also introduce a new Legendary rarity level for all vehicle parts.

In December, The Crew 2 will add PvP lobbies, complementing the co-op gameplay available from launch. To ensure that the community is never split, all post-launch content can be earned with in-game currency. Those looking to get some hands-on time with the game before it launches can participate in the upcoming Open Beta. For more on The Crew 2’s post-launch plans head over to the official site and for more on The Crew 2, check out our previous coverage.

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