The Division


Stephen Gaghan to write and direct movie based on The Division

Today, Ubisoft Motion Pictures announced that Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan is set to write and direct the upcoming film based on the video game The Division. Gaghan won his Academy Award for screenwriting work on Traffic, and was also nominated for Syriana which he wrote and directed. His next film, Gold, featuring Matthew McConaughey as a follicly … Continued


[UPDATE] The Division 1.4 Patch ushers in sweeping fixes and tweaks

Post updated to include this Developer video showing the major changes from the update. The 1.4 patch for The Division is now available on all platforms (Xbox One, PS4, and PC.). The new patch – tested extensively on The Division’s Public Test Server – includes numerous fixes across nearly every facet of the core Division experience, including UI, … Continued


Going Underground: how Reflections tamed randomness

The Division’s first paid-for expansion, Underground (available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC), is positively bulging with content – like a large man’s foot in a small child’s ankle sock. There’s the new “Dragon’s Nest” incursion set in Hell’s Kitchen (that’s the New York City neighbourhood, not the 2005 Gordon Ramsay TV series), a bunch of new gear … Continued


How to Hunt High-Value Targets in The Division

If you’re a Division player eager to get your hands on high-end loot, but not so eager to venture into the Dark Zone to find it, you’re in luck. With last week’s Conflict update came a new endgame activity, hunting High-Value Targets, which yields top-notch gear and can only be undertaken after at least one … Continued


The Division – Don’t Fear the Dark Zone

To some Division fans, the deadly urban wasteland known as the Dark Zone is where the real meat of the game lies: it’s where you’ll find the best loot, the toughest enemies, and the most devious rival players. However, its dangerous reputation also makes it an intimidating prospect for players used to the more familiar … Continued


The Division Conflict Update Now Available

The second free update for The Division, Conflict, is available now for all players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Introducing a new Incursion, new endgame challenges and four new gear sets for high-level players, it also brings significant changes to the Dark Zone, along with bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. The biggest addition is … Continued