Assassin’s Creed Rebellion – Build Your Own Assassin Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed returns to the 15th century with Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, a free-to-play strategy RPG just announced for iOS and Android devices, developed in close collaboration with Behaviour Interactive studio. The game offers an unique Assassin’s Creed visual experience thanks to a new artistic direction, presenting familiar faces in a new light while remaining faithful … Continued

Tom Clancy’s Shadowbreak announced for mobile platforms

Your phone or tablet is probably great. Indispensable, even. But if you’re not using it to command near-future battles from a sniper’s perch, can you really say you’re using its full potential? Combining first-person shooting with real-time tactics, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak will help put this question to rest by casting you as an elite marksman … Continued

V-BWAHH! – Virtual Rabbids comes to Daydream VR this Spring

Yes, the Rabbids are coming to VR this Spring in Virtual Rabbids, an exclusive experience for Google’s Daydream VR platform.  Rogue Rabbids have stolen and scrambled a top secret nuclear password – and a secret government agency need you to recover the digits.  Here’s the announcement trailer.  Keep scrolling for more details and the first screenshots! Players will … Continued

Future Games of London, home of the Hungry Shark

In an unassuming office building in the North London Borough of Islington lies award-winning mobile developer Future Games of London (or FGoL for short.) We all know the games industry moves fast, but it’s still hard to believe that – just 10 years ago – it was almost impossible for a developer to get their game in front … Continued

New Assassin’s Creed Mobile MMO, Hungry Shark World Headed to China

Ubisoft’s presence in the Chinese mobile-game market took two big steps forward today, with the announcement that – in a continuing partnership with Chinese game publisher Ourpalm – Hungry Shark World and an Assassin’s Creed MMORPG are headed to mobile devices in China. The as-yet-unnamed Assassin’s Creed game is being developed by Ourpalm’s Beijing-based production … Continued

Hungry Shark World Now Available

The crunch of sea creatures trapped between powerful jaws. The shrieks of terrified swimmers. The banjo music. Hungry Shark Evolution put a uniquely silly spin on the mobile shark-simulator genre, and now fans can dive into deeper waters with its follow-up, Hungry Shark World. Available now for iOS and Android devices, Hungry Shark World packs … Continued