Black Friday Week at Ubisoft Store – it’s a deal, it’s a steal

Can it really be Black Friday again?  It seems like only weeks since the last time people were clambering over each other for cheap 4K TVs.

Why not avoid the stampedes and do your shopping from the comfort of your own home over the Internet?  And where better to Internet-shop in the run-up to Christmas than the Ubisoft Store, where the offers are as thick and lustrous as Santa’s beard. Games are up to 75% off, and you can even get an extra 20% knocked off using reward points you may have forgotten you had (see the bottom of this article.)

Let’s take a look at a few highlights.

Ghost Recon Wildlands? Forget El Chapo, it’s El Cheapo: £23.99 on PC and console.

Assassin’s Creed Origins? I sphinx you’ll like this price: £39.99 on PC and console.

South Park The Fractured But Whole? Add it to your cart, man: £35.19 on console and £37.49 on PC.

Watch Dogs 2? Prices hacked to a more manageable size: £16.74 on console, and £16.99 on PC.

Rainbow Six Siege? Sorry to drone on about Rainbow Six: £5.99 for the starter pack on PC.

Steep? The price is going downhill fast: £16.74 on console and £17.49 on PC.

For Honor? Prices slashed: £16.74 on console and £19.99 on PC.

The Crew Ultimate Edition? The cost is racing down: £13.59 on PC, £12.39 on Xbox One.

And here’s a really sneaky tip: If you’ve got any Ubisoft Club points – previously known as UPlay points – knocking about (check here), you can exchange one hundred of those for an extra 20% discount off the already very reduced Black Friday prices.

Since this is a sneaky tip, I’ll share the super-discounted prices in cockney rhyming slang to ensure no one from our Paris head office understands. Ready? Ok, so that’s about two nicker over a Bertie for Assassin’s Creed Origins on PC or console, only a pony and a carpet for South Park The Fractured But Whole on console, less than a score for Ghost Recon Wildlands on PC or console, and under a Lady for the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Pack on PC.

Deals run while stocks last, and end on Tuesday the 28th November – you can see all the Black Friday Week deals here. The author would like to offer sincere apologies for any trauma caused by the terrible puns above.

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The Author

Phil is so incredibly old that his earliest gaming memories involve those late-70s TV Pong clone machines made by Binatone, typing BASIC games into the one-piece keyboard of a Sinclair ZX80 from magazine listings, and the static burble of Commodore 64 tape loading. He does Marketing things in Ubisoft's Guildford office. He's been at the company for 20 years. The numpty.