Download Assassin’s Creed III on PC for Free

As part of Ubisoft’s 30th Birthday celebrations, PC gamers can download Assassin’s Creed III for free from Ubisoft Club from now until January 4, 2017.

Assassin’s Creed III not only introduced the world to Connor Kenway (or Ratonhnhaké:ton to give him his Mohawk name,) but also his dad who was arguably one of the best characters in the series: Haytham Kenway, brilliantly played by Adrian Hough.

The game also moved the series across the Atlantic to the New World, taking in American Revolution era Boston and New York, along with the frontier area where hunting and crafting were introduced. It was also the first Assassins game to bring naval combat to the party, with the addition of Connor’s ship the Aquilla.

While you’re in the Assassins mood, the Ubisoft Store currently has some crazzzy deals on Assassin’s Creed PC bundles until January 3. This includes the Animus Pack, the (nearly) complete Assassin’s Creed experience (containing ACI, ACII Deluxe Edition, ACB Deluxe Edition, ACR Gold Edition, AC3 Deluxe Edition, ACIV Black Flag Deluxe Edition, ACL HD, ACL HD Bonus Pack, ACRo Deluxe Edition, ACU, ACU Revolutionary Armaments DLC Pack, ACU Secrets of the Revolution DLC Pack, AC Syndicate Gold Edition and AC Chronicles Trilogy) with 72% off at $109.99! According to, just the main Assassin’s Creed games add up to an average of almost 330 hours of gameplay. So if you were to take up playing the Animus Pack as a career, you’d have to work more than two months of Monday to Friday 9 to 5 to finish it all.

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