Dispatches From E3 (Part Two)

Dispatches From E3 (Part Two)

If you haven’t read part one of my E3 recap, you can do that here! If you have, welcome to the second part, a.k.a. “the come-down.”


On Wednesday, I had my first Twitter Q&A with the man himself, Dan Hay, Executive Producer for Far Cry 4. Dan is an awesome dude leading an incredible team and the questions got off to a great start.

Dispatches From E3 (Part Two)

For the record, my answer would have been a video of Dan and the team doing some sweet skateboard kickflips (which all of them can totally do), but Dan gave an answer worthy of his esteemed station.

Dispatches From E3 (Part Two)

Good guy, Dan Hay. Fortunately, we were also able to discuss topics only tangentially related to our badassery – including Ajay’s mother’s dying wish (for him to scatter her ashes in Kyrat), the in-game appearance of the vicious honey badger, and a bit of a tease with Dan promising us some upcoming news about Far Cry 4’s multiplayer. My favorite response, though, was to a fan asking Dan what he thought gamers would enjoy the most in Far Cry 4. “It’s not up to me to decide,” Hay responded. “Part of the charm of the anecdote factory is the surprise of what players love. Our goal is to give you tons of toys and watch the mayhem.”

For more of the conversation and to ask your own questions, head over to the #AskFC4 hashtag.


And speaking of the #AskFC4 hashtag, Thursday gave me another chance to use it when I talked to scriptwriter C.J. Kershner, who sat down with me in the Ubisoft lounge and answered the tough questions with the aplomb of a literary mind.

Dispatches From E3 (Part Two)

C.J. regaled us with stories as only a writer can, telling a hopeful trainer “I once watched a honey badger clear an outpost by itself. You’re welcome to try and train it if you want.” He assured our fans that Far Cry 4 will be “a game about choices” and the decisions players make will have an impact on the characters and the world around them.

And then, just like that, it was done.

I tipped my proverbial hat to C.J. and headed out of the Ubisoft booth. E3 was coming to an end and after all the fear and doubt, I expected to be psyched it was finally over, but instead I just felt…empty.

Have you ever sat down and marathoned the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies? You get super into it. By the end of the whole thing, you’re not just enjoying the movie, you’re standing beside Aragorn at the Black Gate. That’s how E3 works. By Thursday, I wasn’t just at a show about videogames; I was in a unique emotional space where watching Tetris bricks, a fox, Marie-Antoinette and a ton of fans dance to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” was bringing tears to my eyes.

For real. I literally got misty. Because the industry is so big, so complex and so overwhelming sometimes, that it’s easy to forget that we’re all in this for the same reason: we love games. We love playing them. We love creating them. We love talking about them. And is there a better metaphor for that than the chaos of E3 giving way to the semi-synchronized dances of a gleeful gaming flash mob?

Okay, maybe there is. But in that moment, bathed in the purple spotlights of the convention center, I was hard-pressed to figure it out.

Thanks for everything, E3. See you real soon.

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