Be the star of your own episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Join the team in Las Vegas, complete hidden item puzzles, analyze the evidence and solve crimes in the new free-to-play title from Ubisoft’s newest studio, Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. Featuring cases written by show writer Jack Gutowitz, Hidden Crimes puts you in the role of a new hire alongside all the characters from Season 14 of the hit show. Download the game for free through the App Store and Google Play to get started now on your tablets and smartphones.

CSI: Hidden Crimes is Available Today

There are 8 episodes to play through right now, and many more will be released regularly following the launch. Examine each crime scene closely and use your own logic and the clues to solve the case. Back in your lab you’ll be able to pull apart each clue in order to outsmart your suspects. Connect with your friends and fellow investigators to unlock levels. Check out the launch trailer to get your first look at CSI: Hidden Crimes.

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