Six Collection Chibi Figurines Available For Preorder at Ubi Workshop

The Six Collection, a new line of collectible figurines, has arrived at the Ubi Workshop. Now available for preorder, the five chibi collectibles include Montagne, Ash, Smoke, IQ, and Tachanka. Each vinyl figurine is four inches tall and has a host of details that make them immediately identifiable. Montagne carries his extendable shield. Ash sports … Continued

Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak Announced for Mobile Platforms

Your phone or tablet is probably great. Indispensable, even. But if you’re not using it to command near-future battles from a sniper’s perch, can you really say you’re using its full potential? Combining first-person shooting with real-time tactics, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak will help put this question to rest by casting you as an elite marksman … Continued

Watch Dogs 2 Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

The San Francisco Bay Area of Watch Dogs 2 is a huge open world filled with beautiful landmarks, unique neighborhoods, and numerous sinister forces using data to secretly exert control over citizens – and it can all be yours, now that Watch Dogs 2 has arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As Marcus Holloway, … Continued

Ubisoft and Nintendo 64 – A Look Back

If you have fond memories of early 3D games and can still feel the calluses raised by its unforgiving hard-plastic thumbstick, it might come as a bittersweet realization that the Nintendo 64 – the trailblazing console that helped pioneer modern 3D gaming and analog controls – turned 20 last week. Ubisoft (then known as Ubi … Continued

The Blend: Episode 6 – Latest and Greatest Community Creations from Watch Dogs 2, The Division, and More

Who would have thought Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka was so passionate about the saxophone? Which of the For Honor factions would you wed, bed, or behead? We get to the bottom of these questions, show off the latest and greatest fan art and cosplay, and find out about Watch Dogs 2’s Inner Circle in episode … Continued

What ‘Games As A Service’ Means For Ubisoft

It’s official. Games are living longer! We’ve seen the life cycle of a game evolve over the past few years, moving from the initial impact of one big event, to a series of events covering pre-launch, launch, and post-launch to enable players to enjoy their favorite gaming worlds for even longer. Ubisoft’s VP of Live … Continued