The Division


The Division – Operation ISAC Turns Optimistic in Transmission 20

After last week’s discovery of Esmay’s missing sister, things take an uncharacteristically upbeat turn in the latest Operation ISAC briefing. Asher’s still out there somewhere, no doubt rallying Manhattan’s various criminal factions for another crisis, but for the moment, things are almost relaxed. That won’t stop Division tech Simon Keyes from telling you to get … Continued


The Division Underground Expansion Available Now on PS4

Underground – the first paid expansion for The Division – arrives on PS4 today, adding randomized, customizable, and endlessly replayable missions set deep underneath Manhattan. The expansion also comes with a new level-30 Incursion, called Dragon’s Nest, which pits Division Agents against the Cleaners in a fight for control of Hell’s Kitchen. Underground also introduces … Continued