The Division


The Division – Save Simon From Overheating In This Week’s Operation ISAC Update

Another of The Division’s weekly Operation ISAC episodes has dropped, with a sudden emergency momentarily sidelining the search for Agent St. Clair. Overwhelmed by hacks, the ISAC node has seriously overheated, leading Division technician Simon Keyes to broadcast this week’s message in his shorts. Your mission this week is to get Simon the materials he … Continued


The Division – Incursions Q&A With Petter Mannerfelt

The Division’s first free expansion, Incursions, will arrive on all platforms on April 12, and it’s bringing a bunch of cool new additions that include supply drops, loot-sharing, and a tough-as-nails endgame battle for top-level players. For more details on what to expect, we chatted with The Division’s game director, Petter Mannerfelt, about what’s new … Continued


The Division’s 1.1 Crafting Changes Explained, Guaranteed High-End Drops from Named NPCs

With the arrival of The Division’s 1.1 update, a number of new features and changes are coming to the game. One of the changes affects crafting; specifically, the number of materials you need for certain kinds of crafting will be increased. The Division development team just released an update explaining why they’re making these changes … Continued