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The Division

Ubisoft and the Future of AI

The nucl.AI Conference – held in Vienna last summer – gathered together leading artificial intelligence programmers from various creative industries. Among them were Philip Dunstan, lead AI programmer at Massive Entertainment and senior AI programmer on The Division, and Chris Seddon, AI team lead from Ubisoft Toronto, who worked on Far Cry Primal. The two … Continued

See Oros in 4K With These Far Cry Primal Screens

Far Cry Primal got a big update on April 12. Not only was Survivor mode added in a free patch, but PC users can now download an Ultra-HD texture pack that makes the game look amazing at 4K resolutions and higher. How amazing? We took the following screenshots while running Far Cry Primal at 3840×2400. … Continued

Far Cry Primal’s Survivor Mode Changes Everything

We’ve been putting Far Cry Primal’s new Survivor mode through its paces lately, and after several unfortunate deaths, we’ve come to understand that it’s much more than just a ramping-up of the game’s difficulty. By removing or tweaking a few key features and adding optional permadeath, Survivor mode gives the action more immediacy, and makes … Continued

Survivor Mode Available Now For Far Cry Primal

The fight for dominance in the Stone Age valley of Oros is an uphill battle to begin with – but maybe you crave something even tougher. If what you really want from a Stone Age fantasy is the rush of working without a safety net to cover an unforgiving world where everything is deadly and … Continued

Free Survivor Mode Coming to Far Cry Primal

The fight for survival in Far Cry Primal’s vast Stone Age wilderness is about to get a lot more brutal. If conquering rival tribes and taming deadly predators has left you hungry for a new, harsher challenge, we have some exciting news: Far Cry Primal is getting a Survivor mode, which will arrive as a … Continued

Far Cry Primal Bonus Content Available March 22

Did you miss the window for getting your hands on the preorder bonuses for Far Cry Primal? If you’d still like to stomp around as a mammoth in three new missions and get a running start with extra items, you can grab it all starting on March 22 with the Wenja Pack. Available for $6.99, … Continued

The Secrets of Far Cry Primal’s Box Art

By now, you’ve no doubt seen Far Cry Primal’s box art, which features the hunter Takkar and his pet tiger challenging a mammoth. But did you know there’s more going on in the box art than that? Look past the looming central elements, and you’ll find that there are little tableaus around the margins, depicting … Continued

Far Cry Primal – Designing the Look of a Stone Age Fantasy

Creating a prehistoric world like Far Cry Primal isn’t as simple as looking back at what scholars know about the time. There is, after all, only so much that can be gleaned from pottery shards and millennia-old garbage pits. Bringing a place like the land of Oros to life requires as much creativity as it does research, and that’s where artists like Naomi Savoie come in.