The Secrets of Far Cry Primal’s Box Art

By now, you’ve no doubt seen Far Cry Primal’s box art, which features the hunter Takkar and his pet tiger challenging a mammoth. But did you know there’s more going on in the box art than that? Look past the looming central elements, and you’ll find that there are little tableaus around the margins, depicting some of the people and creatures you’ll meet in the land of Oros. They’re tough to spot if you’re simply looking at the box, so here’s a clearer view of the art:


Let’s begin to the left of the mammoth, where you can see a bear menacing Tensay the shaman and a couple of tough-looking Wenja warriors:


Just below that scene, we have a few Wenja villagers doing whatever it is Wenja villagers do:


The real gems take a little more scrutiny, though. For example, there’s a tiny monster born of blood and screams and the stolen tears of lost children badger lurking in these scenes, and it’s fairly well-camouflaged. Can you spot it?

Yes? No? I’ll go ahead and point it out:


Next, pivot your eyes over to the right side of the mammoth, where things take a turn for the majestic with Takkar’s bomb-carrying owl:


Finally – and this one’s really hard to spot without a very high-res version of the art – the mammoth’s eyes clearly reflect the flames from Takkar’s spear. Detail!


Far Cry Primal is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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