Mikel Reparaz | Editor

PAX East 2014 - Ubisoft

Telltale Veterans Join Ubisoft San Francisco

Ubisoft’s San Francisco studio is expanding its narrative creative pool with four new hires, all of whom hail from a legendary name in story-driven gaming: Telltale Games. With credits that include The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and Minecraft: Story Mode, the four will bring a wealth of storytelling expertise … Continued


For Honor Cracks Down on Cheaters With EasyAntiCheat

For Honor puts a huge emphasis on skill, so it’s important that it offers a level playing field – and to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage, the developers have rolled out EasyAntiCheat, a program that detects and flags those who break the rules. Giving the team a way to track cheating, hacking, and … Continued


Steep – Free Alaska Update Now Available

The world of Steep just got a lot bigger, opening up the peaks of Alaska’s Denali to explore freely – and for free. Steep owners who install the latest title update on Xbox One, PS4, and PC can now access the Alaska map at no cost, and dive in to explore its winter-sports playground on … Continued


Ghost Recon Wildlands – PC Specs and System Requirements

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ massive open-world adventure is just around the corner, and to make sure that everyone’s machines are ready on day one, the development team has released the official specs for the PC version. To see the full list of requirements, including target resolutions and video presets, see below: MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1, … Continued


Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Returns to Uplay

The Starter Edition for Rainbow Six Siege is back on Uplay for PC players, and this time, it’s here to stay. With a continuously growing community and a second year’s worth of DLC incoming, Rainbow Six Siege is bigger than ever, and at $15, the Starter Edition is the most inexpensive way to play it … Continued