Dan Amrich | Community Developer, Studio SF

Rocksmith Now Supports Acoustic Guitars

Electric guitar is awesome – but it really only tells half the story. Millions of guitarists choose to play acoustic guitar, whether it be for stylistic reasons, genre reasons, even “that’s the guitar my family already owns” reasons. And hey, there’s also a reason so many bands went “unplugged” in the 90s – there’s no … Continued

Win a trip to San Francisco and rock the stage at Rocksmith’s 5th anniversary

Rocksmith celebrates its five-year anniversary this fall. The original Rocksmith debuted in October 2011; its successor, Rocksmith 2014, took the reins two years later. Today, hundreds of thousands of songs are played every day by budding guitarists and bassists who have finally found the musical method that works for them. We’ve decided that Rocksmith’s fifth … Continued