Chris Watters | Communications Specialist


Steep Road to the Olympics Expansion Brings New Mountains and New Events on December 5 – E3 2017

Having given players the chance to ski, snowboard, paraglide, and wingsuit around the massive open worlds of the Alps and Alaska, Steep is planning a trip to new locations to take on new challenges in honor of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. In partnership with the International Olympic Committee, Steep Road to the Olympics … Continued


Skull & Bones – Master Naval Combat in an Open World, Multiplayer Pirate-Infested Adventure – E3 2017

Right around the time that players boarded the Jackdaw as Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the team at Ubisoft Singapore was running an experiment. Having played a big part in creating the pirate world of Black Flag, they wanted to see what their naval combat would be like with two player captains … Continued


Transference Brings Two Creative Companies Together to Create a VR Thriller – E3 2017

The psychological thriller Transference was announced today at the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2017. The game is being developed for VR, console, and PC through a collaboration between FunHouse, a division of Ubisoft Montreal, and SpectreVision, a production company founded by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and John C. Waller. “The opportunity to work with … Continued


The Crew 2 Brings Bikes, Boats, and Planes to a Redesigned Open World USA – E3 2017 Trailer

Having previously created an open-world playground for four-wheeled vehicles that spanned the roadways and off-roadways of the USA, the developers at Ivory Tower set their sights on the sky and the sea. Enter The Crew 2, the next iteration of the open-world driving playground, which will introduce bikes, boats, and airplanes to a fully redesigned … Continued