Atomega Update Unveils New Battlegrounds

The online multiplayer combat of Atomega is expanding today to cover four new map variants, which will demand new tactics for players as they gather mass, evolve into increasingly powerful beings, and try to blast their opponents into oblivion. In Temple, mass rains from the sky to create more opportunities to evolve your lifeform, while Limbo lures players into a central fight pit to grapple for dominance. Void dares you to navigate bridges above an abyss, and Ascent takes high-ground advantage to new heights.

In addition to the new arena variants, this update also introduces a Nemesis system to Atomega. If an opponent regularly attacks you, they become marked as your Nemesis. This not only puts a bounty on their head, it also literally marks them, allowing you to track them throughout the map to hunt them down and cash in on that bounty.

Atomega is available now on Steam. To learn more about this unique mass-gathering shooter, check out our previous coverage.