Assassin’s Creed Unity – 9 Things You Need to Know

A new Assassin, a new setting, and a whole new way to play. Assassin’s Creed Unity is the next generation of Assassin’s Creed, redefining the series for new-gen consoles and PC. After seeing the game in action at the E3 2014 press conferences (if you missed those, check the UbiBlog for all the videos), you’re probably hungry for more info on Unity. We pulled back the hood to get a quick look at what’s in store for gamers when they play Assassin’s Creed Unity – but keep in mind that this is just a small taste of what’s in the game. Here are the 10 essential things you need to know right now.

Assassin's Creed Unity

1. Everything Is New

Assassin’s Creed Unity isn’t just an iteration on the previous Assassin’s Creed. This game has been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for the next-generation of consoles and the latest PCs. “Because of these new-gen consoles, this is the first time that we can fundamentally change a lot of the core mechanics and a lot of the stuff under the hood in terms of engine, game mechanics and actual game structure,” says Creative Director Alex Amancio. “So this is what Unity is. It’s not a reboot. It is a reinvention of Assassin’s Creed for this next generation.”

2. Including the Parkour…

One of the biggest changes: the ability to navigate down a building. Previously, you’d climb up a building, race across the rooftops, then find a convenient haystack for a leap of faith, landing safely on the ground below. “We wanted to avoid having haystacks all over the place and doing that special move all the time,” says Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand. “Controlled descent is more exciting. It also allows you to do things that are different each time. This also adds to the sense of joy of being free and doing whatever you want.”

You’ll need that extra freedom of movement, as the buildings are now all designed at a 1:1 scale. Acrophobics, beware: You’ll really feel that height when you’re standing atop Notre Dame, staring out over the city.

And that’s just a small taste of how navigation has been overhauled. The way an Assassin will move through Paris will be radically different than in previous games – but we’ll have more on that later.

Assassin's Creed Unity

3. …And the Stealth…

From how the enemies react when they spot you, to how you sneak around Paris, stealth gets a full makeover. That includes a new stealth stance, which changes how Arno moves and alters how he sees the world. In fact, stealth is once again at the center of the experience, thanks to some radical changes to the gameplay. After all, as Amancio says, “Assassin’s Creed is first and foremost a social stealth game. You’re an Assassin. You shouldn’t be Rambo.”

4. …And the Combat

Speaking of Rambo, when it comes to combat the team went back to the original core values of the game – but then executed everything on a next-gen level. “We actually made combat a little bit harder than before,” Pontbriand says. “The Assassin is still a very, very strong fighter. He can easily dispatch an individual or a couple of guards or enemies. But we also wanted the game to be a little bit more realistic.”

Assassin's Creed Unity

Enemies are both smarter and tougher, but so is the Assassin. Button mashing will no longer work when facing a large crowd. A savvy Assassin will have to rely on a combination of stealth, planning and all the tools at his disposal to handle certain situations. “It’s more fun because there are more tactics involved,” Pontbriand promises.

5. Mission Uncontrol

Mission structure has also changed. Or, to put it more directly: missions no longer have a set structure. In previous games, you’d be given a defined set of goals. You’d achieve them, or you’d start over – either at the beginning of the mission or at an appropriate checkpoint. Assassin’s Creed Unity introduces something called Adaptive Mission Mechanic (AMM) – which is exactly what it sounds like.

Assassin's Creed Unity

To explain AMM, Amancio lays out a typical scenario from previous games. Let’s say you’re tailing a Templar target; if you get spotted, the mission might be over. That’s no longer the case. “We’ve opted for a different philosophy where we won’t tell you Tail this guy,” Amancio says. “We’ll just maybe tell you Figure out where he’s going.” That means you can tail him if you like – and if you get spotted, the tail could turn into a chase. If you lose him altogether, your goal switches to locating your target. If a riot happens to break out and your target is killed, then you can loot his body to, say, find a letter that tells you where he’s going. “So it’s really up to the player to figure out how he’s going to do this,” Amancio says.

Of course, there’s much more to AMM than this. It’ll never be as simple as choosing the easiest path (i.e., killing every target and looting their bodies) because that could have serious repercussions in the world. “If a guy is missing, maybe they’re going to double up patrols in your next mission. So there’s a risk. It evens itself out.”

6. Say Hello to Arno

Every Assassin finds his way into the Creed in his own way. For Arno Dorian, his journey is about redemption. “Arno was witness to a great loss,” Amancio says. “He feels responsible for that. He feels that he could have prevented it, and he didn’t.” So Arno seeks out the Assassins in the hopes of acquiring the means to prevent the corruption that hurt him from hurting other people.

Of course, that’s just the first layer of the story. Amancio promises that there are multiple layers to Arno’s tale – but we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn more about this intriguing new Assassin.

7. Paris Bound

Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in Paris during the French Revolution – one of the bloodiest, most chaotic periods in world history. This was also a time that set the stage for the modern era, changing everything that came afterward.

Assassin's Creed Unity

But history lesson aside, Paris during the French Revolution was also a bustling, dense city, with amazing architecture and a diverse population. There are various factions in the world, groups of people who will interact with each other – and who the player can use to his advantage. And there are moments when you might see crowds of up to 5,000 NPCs on screen, as opposed to 150 or so that you might find at maximum in previous games.

Assassin’s Creed Unity also introduces interiors. Yes, you can enter buildings throughout the city – some of which will be simple interiors, with others being fully decked out settings for missions. “It’s a game-changer for us,” Pontbriand says. “You can explore Paris inside and out.”

And under. The catacombs of Paris will also be available for players to explore.

8. Slay Together

Along with the single-player experience, Assassin’s Creed Unity also let’s up to four players join up and take on story-driven missions within their game world. “Each mission is a self-contained story, which means that we picked different really cool elements of the French Revolution and built a huge systemic mission around it,” Amancio says. And each of these missions can be played multiple times, tackled in multiple ways, offering a different experience depending on how many of your Brotherhood join, and how they’re customized…

Assassin's Creed Unity

9. Choose Your Own Assassin

…Yes, customized. “We have a fully customizable Assassin, who can evolve over the course of the game,” Pontbriand says. “So as you complete missions, you’ll earn skill points, which you’ll be able to spend upgrading your skills.” Unity includes different skill trees for stealth, combat and navigation; it’s up to you how you spend those points. And you can also further customize your Assassin with different gear, offering even more diversity in how you play. This customization fully crosses over from the single-player to the co-op and back again.

One thing to keep in mind: You are always playing Arno. “You’re playing Arno’s story, but when you start you’re not even an Assassin,” Amancio says. So all your customization is about Arno and his journey. As you become an Assassin, you pick up skills, and you acquire weapons and gear – all of which affect the way you play the game. And because Assassin’s Creed Unity continues to be built around a strong story and will deliver a seamless cooperative experience, it only makes sense to maintain the same character in both solo and co-op play. “When you’re playing co-op, you’re actually playing a memory of Arno performing a Brotherhood mission for the Assassin Brotherhood,” Amancio adds.

But what happens when you’re playing with three other “Arnos”? “From everybody’s perspective, they’re playing Arno,” Amancio explains. When you look at your friends, you’ll still see their unique gear and their unique weapons – but when you look at their faces, you’ll see generic Assassin faces. That way each player can still “peacock”… strutting their stuff and showing off their uniquely customized setups.

BONUS! Present Day

Yes, there will be a present day – but we’re not talking about it yet. We did, however, get one tasty tidbit out of Amancio. “It’s very different than anything you’ve seen in any of the past games,” he says. “Black Flag was different. This is more different.”

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity

Release date — November 11, 2014
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Paris, 1789. The French Revolution turns a once-magnificent city into a place of terror and chaos. Its cobblestoned streets run red with the blood of commoners who dare to rise up against an oppressive aristocracy. Yet as the nation tears itself apart, a young man named Arno will embark upon an extraordinary journey to expose the true powers behind the Revolution. His pursuit will throw him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transform him into a true Master Assassin.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
The Author

Gary Steinman has won numerous editorial awards, but you probably don’t care about that. He also ran multiple industry leading publications and websites including PlayStation: The Official Magazine,, PC Gamer and Newtype USA – but that’s all in the past. The real truth about Gary? He loves cats, he takes too many selfies on Facebook (according to one co-worker, at least), and he occasionally crochets. And now he’s helping share stories about Ubisoft’s amazing games and their incredible creators in his role overseeing the UbiBlog and other select Ubisoft social channels. Follow him on Twitter: @GarySteinman

sleepy.girl 5pts

A few if us left comments with legitimate complaints about the game and app yet you guys saw it fit to delete them.


Everyone already knows this game + app combo has been a colossal bust. It's been over a month since the app has last worked and we cannot play the game as intended without it. I've played a fully functional AC:U on approx. 5-7 instances since its release in early November.

I'm always checking the App Store to see if it's been fixed. I truly have a difficult time believing it takes over a month to fix an app on a game that should be a priority.

Is it still a priority or are we being swept under the rug?


On an aside - Anyone care to wager how long this will be up before being deleted?

hellequin 5pts

why should we have to buy a ps4 just to play an all new assassins creed game. We have all of the other ones on the ps3 but as soon as the ps4 is out, all those with ps3s and no money are screwed. Now they are just making stupid games for the ps3, that dont even matter much as part of the storyline. I honestly think they should have released unity on the ps3, ps4, xbox360 and xbox one because they would a. sell more, and b make their fans ALOT more happy with their new games. we should be "easing" off of the ps3, not switching immediately and entirely . 

UnCaged 5pts

I know this is going to be a really stupid question but for the life of me I can't find the character customization screen.

I have downloaded content I would love to equip but I can't figure out how :(

Where can I find the customization screen on the Xbox one?


curt gurd
curt gurd 5pts

Give us a patch with local co-op! I can't play with my family on xbox without buying 4 copies of the game and 4 xbones? That's just outrageous. With the way Co-op is designed in AC Unity, it is not enjoyable without communication and being able to play with friends rather than randoms. There's no way i'm asking anyone to fork over $70 just to play with me for only a couple of hours. $280 dollars between 4 of us just to play like 10 hours of co-op! The only reason you would ever play co-op is if you, and one or more friends already bought the game for single player and treat co-op as an extra. There is no appeal to purchase the game BECAUSE of co-op, which is sad because I was looking forward to it. Not buying it unless local splitscreen is released.

Mallory Kirk
Mallory Kirk 5pts

Can i start a new game on single player if i already have one?

ibuk14 5pts

hello. if anyone has the game yet and are playing now,could you help me? i don't know how to aquire/use the cockade. how does it work. thanking you in advance, ibuk14

xurfer128 5pts

Sooooooooo how are we soppoused to play coop with people if no one you knows plays AC: Unity?

also, how can we get the Initiates and fighting club weapons if neither work?

Alex 5pts

You know what time period/place I'd LOVE an AC game to be set in? London/England during the English Civil War - right up through the Glorious Revolution, Great Fire, rebuild of the city of London, the reign of Queen Anne etc and the Act of Union between England and Scotland.

Living and working in Central London (off Fleet Street) I see every day the wonderful architecture and churches of Sir Christopher Wren and I swear some of them just look made to free run on.

Plus with the time period you've got really good opportunities for goodies/baddies in the Kings/Parliament, great characters like Cromwell etc. It would be awesome.

A person
A person 5pts

So can you still play co-op online with ai bots or no?

Aaron 5pts

i wish they made an mmo of assassin's creed, don't get me wrong i like the unity game very much except i cannot play with family and friends. reason is my friends are all over the country doing what they like, my family are hardcore workers, they think games and such is just a waste of your life.

Assassin-InFaME 5pts

Man' CanT" WAIT For AC Unity. but in singleplayer can you exactly customize arno? im just very curious about it i mean coop is fun" and awsome. but i'm more of a singleplayer fan so yeah i just hope that we can cusomize arno in singleplayer campaign...

eldest 5pts

// We actually made combat a little bit harder than before

But little bit is not enough,.. I remember you guys was saying in the first game that we gonna play for assassin and we should avoid direct combats, actually we've got parkour for this purpose, not just for fun, but in the end we got some kind of superhero who could fight any amount of enemies

Don't get me wrong, I like AS series, but I missed last parts because it so easy to play, I'd even say it's so hard to die in these games, and with every new version you make it only easier.

I love what you made with Splinter Cell series, and I really hope you'll make something the same with AS, but for now, according to all videos and news I have seen, the only thing what makes me think about buying this part it's an environment, Paris looks great, at least at video.

PS: I never even try to find all flags, chests, anything in games,.. it's boring.

Alex Stroud
Alex Stroud 5pts

I understand that you can fully customize your Arno in the game, but is this only in co-op because i really want to have the robes used in the trailer for the single player but use my own set up for multiplayer. I have been wondering for a while, if you know please tell me.

Kapil Viren Ahuja
Kapil Viren Ahuja 5pts

This just looks awesome; i was started to get bored of the AC series (I have played all of them); but it seems this will hook me right back.

This Looks Incredible
This Looks Incredible 5pts

This just looks spectacular! I'm going to be so psyched to be getting this for the ps4 I am also saving up for. So close! eehk!

Loyal-Customer 5pts

This game looks really cool and I wont hestitate to preorder it. I just have one question, as I might have misunderstood the news from this blog.

It sounds like the game is going to be like Mass effect/Fable with alternative realities based on the players choices and actions, or did I just misinterpret it (With that the player can build and upgrade the character after his/her own wish.) ?

I don't want an alternative reality based on my deeds in earlier missions, which might result in a different storyline, or a completly different ending. (Even though the latter option seems highly unlikley.) Is the character still tied to one story? Please someone tell me.

Fable is a small game and playing it with all its different outcomes based on your decisions as an evil or a good hero was a pleasure. But if this system does not belong in ubisofts big and epic games. I would not cope playing AC V like ten times over.


assassin123 5pts

hope you can go back and talk to Edward or some of the old assassins and get tips and advice, and then them give you a little special something from when they were an assassin.

Jason 5pts

I can't imagine how beautiful this game is going to be. Not to mention that coop is now available, it's THE feature that I've been waiting for since Ezio.

But for me, it would've been so much better if they had added the splitscreen feature for coop, it's much more fun to play with your friends on the same console, same tv, same room.

I hope they take this into consideration for their next Assassin's Creed.

gil 5pts

Bah arno's motifs are mostly the same as Ezio. and most interface comes from black flag. combat they made the right choice yes by removing the direct counter attack, making it harder but altair's combat was pretty hard at later missions.

don't get me wrong, it looks great, and i've already pre ordered it, fantastic, but a "rebuild from the ground" or "everythings new" not quite...

and im pretty sure if it goes well, they will make another trilogy like Ezio.

Sample17 5pts

Theres a lot story about main characters Arno Dorian in Assassin Creed Unity, But something i confuse why the ubisoft not show Animus system on AC Unity, some fans on another forum says we'll never used animus system again, but Helix. Can you give it videos of Animus/Helix things about? contacted me on email, please

Eshty 5pts

will there be any bombs? know like AC Revelation......can things be crafted in Unity?

elcolosoenllamas 5pts

I am worried about present-day history. The first person view in Black Flag was very poor, and lacked the magic of the previous AC games. I hope to put a player in third person in present-day history to make this a perfect game.

Alex84 5pts

What language will be available on the ACU?

Jamie 5pts

why couldn't they make the story mode co-op ? not gay separate missions! this game would be much better if your friends could join your game and free roam around with you and do story missions with you!

raven 5pts

that girl ! plz dont make it a love story

Gabe 5pts

I'm a bit disappointed that there will be no "couch co-op" seeing as I have no internet access for my ps4 and enjoy a weekend playing games with mates. Assassin's creed is still one of my favourite game series, but I feel the formula is dying out. Seeing as Australia's internet average speed and connectivity percentage is the same as Greece and Mexico, Ubisoft should try and appeal to more gamers by introducing split screen

Will 5pts

My idea for a civil war AC was that the main character could be a black slave who was saved by the assassins

Will 5pts

My idea for civil war was that it could be played with the main character as a black slave who is saved by the assassins and then joins them!

jacko 5pts

Sound amazing and looks it, great job! I have an idea on the next Assassin's Creed, I know its a bit to fast but oh well. Egypt during the time where Jewish people were slaves, to me sounds like a cracking idea anyone agree or disagree?

Rafi 5pts

I wish that the next Assassin's Creed will be a Templar Assassin

Rafi 5pts

What will be the System requirements for PC?

Kannan 5pts

Will this be anything like the Ezio and Altair series?

FRS DZ 5pts

Cant wait looks really cool hope thet bring back the bombs from ACR though .

John 5pts

I like it all but I do not like the customization

This is assassins creed ican see changing the outfit. But just take out the skill tree I think I ruins the game for me

Think of it this way in past assassins creeds you were able to unlock most of your stuff at the start of the game but no title degenerate on how well you'll do the mission the unlock certain things and to me is will just drag out and it may turn into a watchdogs failure

linebling 5pts

Don't get me 2 tong but the idea of 4 arvo ' is stupid I mean if some people actually like the other assassins then arno why can't they be them instead of being the same assassin nut looking different to your friends I am not gonna lie but this is stupid . Not impressed by this co-op feature

Pavel Yashchenko
Pavel Yashchenko 5pts

Please make co-op splitscreen, so up to four people can play on one console.

Ludwig 5pts

I am a huge Assassins Creed fan but i wont be able to buy this awesome game because I have i PS3 and i think that i speak for all the people that has a PS3. Those who cant afford a PS4 and are huge Assassins Creed fans want the game to get released on PS3. Besides I think that Ubisoft would sell better if it came out on the PS3 because there are so many people that cant afford a PS4. But thats what i think about this. The game is still good and it will always be.

James 5pts

You Stole " Stealth mode " from | Hitman Absolution game -_-

Jack 5pts

Cant wait looks really cool hope thet bring back the bombs from ACR though .

Death 5pts

I was kind of hoping after seeing the trailer for Unity that we could have four different character and their stories to play through. I'm a little disappointed that we only have Arno story to play. I would of loved it if you could play each characters story to see how they all became Assassin's.

sleepy.girl 5pts

Stick with the PS3 versions; the latest AC is still busted. You wouldn't enjoy playing it anyway (if you could play it al all).

xurfer128 5pts

@Alex  I'd like to see an AC that portrays the building blocks that leads Altair's time. Maybe making it originate with the First Generation.

xurfer128 5pts

@A person  I don't think so, I got on a wait for co=op and nothing happened for about 10 minutes.... I'm not sure how that's soppoused to work, but if it's a matchmaking thing like in Destiny then it's not working for me

iNFAME 5pts

ummmm... mmo i knw right that will be sick...

( but games are such a waste of life)...

NO ITs Not If you have a good life such as good job

nice house sick car and yeah money than WTF....

live your life the way you want cuzz im living mine(:.....:)

xurfer128 5pts

@Kapil Viren Ahuja  yeah, it reminds me a lot of AC2

Jesse 5pts

@Kannan I think it said there would be no relation to the old ac games

Jaxon 5pts

Same concept for me except I have the Xbox 360 and can't get the Xbox 1

Pavel 5pts

Same here i have an Xbox 360 but i won't be getting an Xbox One so i hope that you release the game on the older consoles as well as the PS4 and Xbox One.

sleepy.girl 5pts

That's what I'm talking about! :D

Like maybe starting with the whole Adam & Eve uprising.

Jesse 5pts

Thats what i thought but i think im gonna save up to buy an xbox one just for this game