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The city of London is full of adventures just waiting for someone to find them, and in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, those adventures will all take you one step closer to your goal of freeing London from Templar control. But how does one go about decimating an evil organisation with its hooks in every aspect of London life? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the various types of side activities you’ll be able to pursue as you take on Crawford Starrick and his army. (This guide is part of our FAQ and Guide series.)

Conquest Activities

Each of the Conquest Activities will get you one step closer to liberating a borough. You will find one of each in every district, and they all need to be completed in order for that borough to become yours.

Bounty Hunt – Occasionally, it takes a criminal to catch a criminal. Track down targets throughout the city and drag them to the police. You can take them hostage and force them to come with you; you can knock them out and toss their unconscious body into a carriage; or you can just straight-up murder them and bring the corpse to its final destination. Killing them will get the job done, but you’ll get less of a reward.

Child Liberation – Make your way into a Templar-controlled factory, kill the foreman and free all of the children forced to work there. You don’t have to kill all of the other enemies present, but they’re being super mean to those kids, so why wouldn’t you?

Templar Hunt – Unlike with the Bounty Hunt missions, your targets in Templar Hunt missions need to die, and sometimes they need to die in creative ways to earn you a little extra money. Locate the Templar you’ve been sent to kill, and do what Assassins do best.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Gang Stronghold – Sneak your way into Blighter hideouts (or just run straight in, guns blazing) and eliminate all of the threats in the area. For a bonus challenge, you may be tasked with securing the safety of Rook recruits being held captive by the Blighters.

Gang War – When you’ve cleared a borough of all Conquest Activities, you’ll trigger a Gang War, and you’ll need to head to a marked location for a final showdown with the borough’s Templar leader and his or her goons. There’s a way to gain the upper hand early, though: On completing certain Conquest Activities, the boss may show up to ambush you with a handful of Blighters before running away. But! If you escape the henchmen and chase down the Templar leader right away, you may be able to kill them before the final fight, which will make your job a little easier when it’s time to really throw down.

Income Activities

Taking over London is no easy feat. It takes a lot of sweat, blood and money – especially money. You’ll need an awful lot of it in order to do everything from upgrading your gang to keeping yourself in the latest Assassin fashions. Here are some ways to make a little cash to help you grow your empire. (As a quick tip, we recommend investing in the Shell Company Gang Upgrade, which gives all income activities a bigger payout.)

Fight Club – You never talk about Fight Club… except when it’s a fast (and awesome) way to make money. Step into the ring and do your best to survive several rounds of hand-to-hand combat against multiple opponents at a time. Each round will earn you money, so if you don’t think you’ll survive the next wave, you can cut your losses and leave with the cash you’ve earned up to that point.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Boat Raids – Sneak your way onto enemy ships and track down the Templar carrying the ship’s manifest. Then use that manifest to mark specific pieces of cargo for your Rooks to nab before the time runs out.

Smuggler’s Boat – Smuggler’s Boat missions have two objectives. Sabotaging the smugglers’ haul with dynamite is a must, but if you just so happen to kill the lead smuggler before you destroy the last piece of cargo, you’ll get an extra bonus.

Cargo Hijack – You should never take things that don’t belong to you, unless whatever you’re taking belongs to the Templars. Then it’s fair game. If you spot Templar cargo (either stopped in a guarded area or making its way through the city) feel free to liberate it from their control. Get it to its new destination safely and you’ll get a nice little reward.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Cargo Escort – Similar to the Cargo Hijack, you need to make sure a carriage full of goods makes it safely to its intended destination. But instead of stealing Templar cargo, you’ll simply be safeguarding your own. You’ll find these carriages roaming the streets. Take the reins and protect the carriage from any fiendish Blighters who might come to destroy it.

A to B Race – Have carriage, will race. Test your skills on the streets of London in point-to-point races. Speed through checkpoints spread around the boroughs and make your way to the finish line for a hefty purse. Don’t be afraid to bash up other drivers, but be sure to keep an eye on the state of your own carriage.

Ale Heist – This type of mission is accessible after you unlock the Ale Heist Gang Upgrade. You’ll need to track down ale shipments throughout the city and hijack or escort them for extra cash.

Associate Activities

The Associate Activities also fall under the Conquest Activities and Income Activities category. For example, Conquest Activities like Templar Hunt and Gang Stronghold will boost your relationship with Henry Green, and Income Activities like Cargo Hijack and Boat Raids will make Ned Wynert like you more. As you level up these connections, your friends will give you gear, schematics and rare crafting resources.

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The collectibles you track down in the game will reward you in their own ways. Little things like Pressed Flowers, Illustrations and Vintage Beer Bottles could get you some new gear or color schemes for your outfit. You can even buy maps from vendors that will show you the locations of all of these collectibles if you want to make it easier on yourself.

But if you really want a big payoff, you can hunt down each of the Secrets of London. The locations of the Secrets of London will be given away by the soft sound of a music box when you are within range. You can also attempt to solve the Secrets of London riddles to track down the music boxes. Collect all of the Secrets to unlock Reuge’s Vault and obtain the mysterious treasure within.

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