Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Crafting and Customization FAQ

Crafting and customization are back in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, but how does it all work this time around? What can you craft? What sorts of upgrades will you be able to invest in? How do the skill trees break down? We’ve compiled a quick FAQ to help you get started on your journey in London. This is the first part in our FAQ series to address a wide range of topics, so if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to address them in a future FAQ.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate


What can I craft?

In addition to certain pieces of gear, you’ll need to craft upgrades for things like your bomb pouch and medicine efficacy. In order to craft some gear and upgrades, you’ll need to track down schematics. These can be found in chests, received as rewards for missions, or given to you by your allies.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

How do I get crafting resources?

Crafting resources can be found in the many chests spread across the world, or gained through various missions. You can also upgrade the Scavenger ability to get even more resources from the chests you find around the world.

Can crafting resources be used for anything else?

On top of gear and personal upgrades, you can use crafting resources to upgrade your gang. Use resources to get discounts on items, bribe the police, sabotage the Templar’s carriages and weapons, make your Rooks stronger, and much more. We discuss the Rooks in more detail in this FAQ.

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It looks like some gear requires special resources. How do I get those?

Some items require unique materials like Fire Opal or Golden Spider Silk to craft. These materials can be gained by completing certain missions, leveling up your Scavenger skill to raise your chances of finding rare materials in chests, or by increasing some of your associates’ loyalty levels. Vehicle enthusiast Ned Wynert, in particular, will reward you with rare crafting materials when you complete specific types of side missions.

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What pieces of gear will I be able to customize?

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you will be able to select your weapons (cane sword, brass knuckles and kukri blade), your Assassin Gauntlet, your outfits, and the color of your gear. On top of those options, Jacob will be able to choose from a variety of belts that will give him defense and stealth bonuses, while Evie has a selection of capes.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Will I be able to unlock every piece of gear just through the natural progression of the game?

There are a couple pieces of gear that are exclusive Ubisoft Club rewards, but all you’ll have to do to access them is link your game to your Uplay account.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

How do the skill trees work?

Skills are broken into three categories: Stealth, Combat and Ecosystem. Stealth and Combat skills include combo boosts, Lockpicking and health upgrades. Ecosystem skills will revolve around the world and affect things like Eagle Vision, carriages and your Rooks.

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Do Jacob and Evie have unique skills?

Yes! While Jacob’s focus on combat and brute strength, Evie’s are all about stealth. That said, both Assassins are perfectly capable of handling themselves in either stealth situations or all-out brawls.

Jacob’s Unique Skills:

Gunslinger II – Jacob and Evie are both skilled with their guns, but with the Gunslinger II skill, all of Jacob’s Countershots are automatic headshots.

Defense III – Both Jacob and Evie are good at defending themselves (both can unlock Defense I, which decreases damage taken from melee hits, and Defense II, which decreases damage taken from ranged hits) but when you unlock the Defense III skill, Jacob will take much less damage overall.

Mutilate II – An upgrade on the Mutilate skill (which both twins have access to), Mutilate II helps Jacob bring his enemies into a near death state much more quickly. This is especially helpful when setting up brutal multi-kills.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Evie’s Unique Skills:

Chameleon – Evie is a master of blending in with her environment. While in Sneak Mode, she will be nearly undetectable when she stands completely still. Only enemies very close to her will be able to spot her.

Knife Master II – Both twins can unlock the Knife Master I skill, but only Evie can take it to the next level. She will be able to carry twice as many throwing knives, and they will inflict quite a bit more damage.

Stealth III – The final level of Stealth (both twins can access Stealth I and II), Stealth III increases Evie’s Stealth stat by an additional 11. She is far less likely to be detected and everything she does – including assassinations – make very little noise.

Why does Evie look see-through when she’s using her Chameleon skill?

This is actually for the benefit of the Animus user. While holding still, Evie doesn’t actually become invisible, but she will appear as such to let you know she is, in fact, blending.

Keep an eye on UbiBlog for the rest of our FAQ series, including this entry on the Rooks and all the ways you can upgrade them and put them to work.

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