Assassin’s Creed Pirates – Second Major Update

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is getting its second major update on iOS and Android devices. The update provides players with hours of additional content with a new map area, a new campaign mission, three secondary missions and more goodies to collect. On top of all that, you will also be able to take on a whole new mission type. Each map will have its own Survival Missions, in which you can fish and hunt whales for food – all from the deck of two new ships.

Assassin's Creed Pirates - Second Major Update

Finally, you can now take on famous historical ships in naval battles and prove your might on the open ocean. Assassin’s Creed Pirates is available for only $4.99 in the iOS App Store and through Google Play. Explore the Caribbean as young pirate captain Alonzo Batilla and encounter some of history’s most famous pirates on your journey to become the Golden Age of Piracy’s most feared figure.

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Assassin's Creed Pirates - Second Major Update

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Release date — Fall 2013
Developer — Ubisoft Paris
In this stand-alone game for smartphones and tablets, further explore the Caribbean during the Golden Age of piracy as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious captain. Manage your crew, upgrade your ship and engage in huge naval battles to become the most feared pirate of your time and claim La Buse’s legendary treasure.

ESRB Rating: 12+
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