Assassin’s Creed Movie – First Shots from the Film

So far, all we’ve been able to share from the Assassin’s Creed movie are an assortment of photos from the set – but over the holidays, the first images from the movie itself made their debut, giving us our best look yet at Michael Fassbender in his twin roles as the 15th-century Spanish Assassin Aguilar, and as Aguilar’s modern-day descendant, Callum Lynch. Our look at the film begins with a striking shot of Aguilar mid-battle.

DF-01952_R_CROPClick for full-sized image

Next we have Fassbender as Callum Lynch, sitting in a creepy cell with a priest. For the record, priests in cells in movies are usually a sure sign of doom. Be sure to check out the full-sized image for a better look at the wall graffiti.

DF-02748Click for full-sized image

Finally, we have an image of Fassbender/Aguilar with costar Ariane Labed, who sports even-more-impressive facial tattoos than he does.

DF-EW First Look Dec2015Click for full-sized image

So what’s going on in these shots, exactly? We’ll all find out for sure when the Assassin’s Creed movie arrives in theaters on December 21.

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