Assassin’s Creed Last Descendants: Tomb of the Khan Now Available

Assassin’s Creed fans got their first taste of Last Descendants, the young-adult novel series that focuses on a group of Animus-connected teens, back in August and they didn’t have to wait long for more of Owen Meyers and his friends. Where the first book focused on New York’s 1863 draft riots, in Tomb of the Khan, we find the young protagonists exploring the mountains of Mongolian China on a hunt for the mysterious Trident of Eden. This time, they’re not all working together– after the events of the first book the group split, Owen and Javier joined up with the Assassins, while the rest decided to give the Templars a hand.

“I picked an event in Chinese history about which there is very little written in English,” says author Matt Kirby. “There was a particular battle at a town that really turned back the Mongol advance across Europe. And when I say turned back, I mean because of the events of this particular battle, it pulled them back on almost all their fronts – from the Middle East, from China – and their empire never quite recovered after that. That’s a really pivotal moment in history.”

Published by Scholastic, Tomb of the Khan is now widely available in multiple formats. To read an excerpt, check out Scholastic’s official site. And for more on Assassin’s Creed novels, check out our previous coverage:

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