Assassin’s Creed Comes to Digital HD March 10, Full Home Release March 21

You’ll be able to take a trip back in time to the Spanish Inquisition from the friendly confines of your couch when Assassin’s Creed hits Digital HD on March 10, followed by a Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray, and DVD release on March 21. The home release includes more than 90 minutes of bonus content, including features like “Becoming an Assassin,” in which star Michael Fassbender and the cast talk about their training; or “In the Realm of Realism,” in which the cast and crew reveal what went into creating key locations from the movie.

Assassin’s Creed follows Callum Lynch, the modern day ancestor of Aguilar, an assassin from 15th century Spain. Callum is abducted by a company called Abstergo, which intends to use Callum to research his genetic memories using the Animus. As Callum relives Aguilar’s past encounters with the Templars, he begins to learn more about himself and the company controlling not just his fate, but potentially the fate of all humanity.

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