How Edward Kenway Becomes an Assassin

For Edward Kenway, it was always a choice. The hero of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag follows a unique path into the Brotherhood – one that’s unlike any of his predecessors, each of whom seemed fated to become an Assassin. But don’t think that Edward’s journey is any easier just because he chose to get involved with the Creed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

“The way Edward is introduced to the Assassin/Templar conflict is surprising and it’s a fresh approach to the storyline,” says lead writer Darby McDevitt. “Altair was born into it. Ezio and Connor both, through personal tragedy, met the Assassins and felt right away that it was not only a good philosophy but that it would help them accomplish their goals: Ezio’s being revenge and Connor’s being protecting his people and ensuring, in a general sense, that liberty wins out over tyranny.”

While McDevitt is keen to avoid story spoilers, he tells us that Edward first gets involved in the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars when he learns about a mysterious object that could make him powerful and wealthy. Naturally, both sides are after this object as well – and this serves as a jumping off point for the Edward’s journey.

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

From that point onward, Edward struggles. He struggles to become a better man. He struggles to become an infamous (and respected) pirate. He struggles to define who he is and what he’s after in life: be it riches, wealth, power…or a deeper meaning and true value. That very struggle is what defines who Edward eventually becomes.

Falling Far From the Tree

“Edward is almost a counterpoint to Connor in some ways,” McDevitt says. “Connor begins very idealistic and the experience he has through Assassin’s Creed III starts to make him really jaded. He’s doing all these things he believes are right and they don’t pay off in all the right ways.”

Edward’s path is almost the direct inverse,

‘Edward is almost a counterpoint to Connor in some ways’

which was intended by the creative team from the very beginning of Black Flag’s development. Indeed, when the idea first emerged about doing a Kenway family saga, the team wanted to show how each of the three generations (Edward, Haytham, Connor) picked a different path through life. McDevitt also wanted to create a character who stood in stark contrast to his own grandson. “So I started with a guy who was already jaded. He was cynical. He’s out for himself. He has this marriage that’s really rocky. He’s estranged from his wife. He wants to try to prove he’s a man worthy of her affection, so he goes to the West Indies to become a privateer, and that falls apart really fast and he falls into piracy.”

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Even after Edward begins to associate with the Assassins, he doesn’t fully commit right away. “He kind of bounces between the Assassins and Templars for a time, trying to find something that makes his life more meaningful,” McDevitt says. “At first he has all these selfish goals but his experiences focus him on what is and isn’t important in life.”

Man in Conflict

Naturally, that makes the Assassins wary of Edward – even after they start to bring Kenway into the fold. They know Edward’s a decent man. They see the promise in him. But they can also see that Edward’s initial interest in the Brotherhood revolves around the pirate’s selfish desire to gain access to the group’s powerful tools and techniques – with little appreciation for the Creed itself.

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

“Because he’s a good man at heart and the Assassins can see that, they pop into the story and try to steer him right, but he just refuses to listen after a time,” McDevitt says. “He’ll come into contact with Templars at the same time and they’ll be interested in him too.” Throughout it all, Edward remains steadfastly focused on his own goals. He wants to be rich. He wants to be infamous. He wants to be a great pirate captain. He wants to show people he’s better than the poor guy he grew up as. “That’s the core conflict in our story: this attitude he’s struggling with and these people who want a piece of him in different ways, and how he deals with that.”

Edward also finds the Creed restricting – until he starts to bend it to his will, starting with the Creed’s central maxim: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. “If nothing is true and everything is permitted, then Edward can do whatever he wants,” McDevitt says. “But that’s not what it means at all. When I wrote Assassin’s Creed Revelations, I had Ezio describe what the Creed means to him. He said it’s a description of reality. It’s not a license to do anything you want. Everything is permitted, but that means if you cause harm to others, harm might be caused to you.”

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

As for the actual tenets of the Creed – never harm an innocent, hide in plain sight, don’t compromise the Brotherhood – Edward plays fast and loose with those as well. “If you’re a pirate, you harm innocent people. You rob merchants,” McDevitt says. Also, because Edward isn’t fully committed to being a member of the Brotherhood, he doesn’t mind if this secret underground society is compromised in some way. This creates a dynamic tension between what Edward wants from himself and what he’s borrowing from the Brotherhood. That tension will be constant in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and it’s that very struggle – borne out of choices made by Edward himself – that will define both the game and the character himself.

For another look at Edward Kenway, be sure to check out: Edward Kenway – Portrait of a Pirate Assassin

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag

Release date — October 29, 2013
Developer — Ubisoft Montreal
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag tells the story of Edward Kenway, a young British man with a thirst for danger and adventure, who falls from privateering for the Royal Navy into piracy as the war between the major Empires comes to an end. Edward is a fierce pirate and seasoned fighter who soon finds himself embroiled in the ancient war between Assassins and Templars. Set at the dawn of the 18th Century, the game features some of the most infamous pirates in history, such as Blackbeard and Charles Vane, and takes players on a journey throughout the West Indies during a turbulent and violent period of time later to become known as the Golden Age of Pirates.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Sexual Themes, Violence, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
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hathem confused
hathem confused 5pts

is hathem from assassins creed 4 connors dad seriously is he the father cause i've been wondering for months: lik wtf is going on?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

isaac 5pts

Okay look I it really pisses me off that we cant make our own choices on assassin's creed 3 and then desmond dies at the end like WTF? the some bullshit! And like I thought ur supposed to be related to an assassin to be an assassin but conner wousnt related to an assassin nor haythem kenway sooo yall are starting to fuck up allll of the game I mean I liked all of the other ones besides assassins creed 3 and black flag soo I suppose yall start changing yall game type or im done buying yalls games!! ALL OF THEM!

Mckeel 5pts

I visited various sites but the audio feature for audio songs current at this web site is actually excellent.

Dude 5pts

Make and assassin creeds 5 about a war from the 5th cantury

Haythan portoreal
Haythan portoreal 5pts

Haytham was the best.grpa Edward should have choice at the end to be Templar or assassin.

RedX 5pts

Hella bro. And of course have Connor be the father

RedX 5pts

Can't anyone see the true awesomeness in Kenway? It runs in the genes! Connor was gr8 2. This is what a Kenway family reunion would sound like: Edward:Haytham! Why couldn't you have been an assassin like me or your son? I can not believe I ever allowed my badass DNA stagger into your mothers womb!

Haythem: Dad I told you I didn't want to become an assassin! And my son is a disappointment

Connor: fine dad! If you can't exempt what I am then you can eat

Edward: you tell him Connor never take $hit from anyone! I never did and look at me!

Connor: hey grandpa, can you teach me to be a pimp like you and not a lame-ass Templar like my douche bag of a father?

Edward:sure thing Connor, first make sure you never die a virgin

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 5pts

i just had a good idea for a new ac game based in the time with Abe Lincoln trying to free the slaves the templars trying to stop him eventually killing him as history calls and the assasins stoping it maybe let me know what u think at my email

Assassin fan
Assassin fan 5pts

Can you make a dlc where you get another ship a freegatt and you can make it better to like jackdaw becuse i would realy like to have a big ship

Dome500 5pts

Seen some gameplay and story footage. I like Edward very much. Really a unique character.

I hope they either continue Edward or they go on with another character, keeping it interesting and keeping up the variety.

I'd like to see:

Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome (you know, the old cultures), then Asia would be nice (Japan, China, etc.) and what about more modern? (WWII, Cold War, there where Revolutions and shifts of power in these times).

Both ways are good, though I'd prefer either WAY back (old cultures) or continuing Edwards story.

Haytham's youth would be nice, but sadly I think it wouldn't fit for an AC game because it couldn't possibly have a good philosophical conclusion to it.

BAMM 5pts

Dude I'd LOVE another Connor game! He was so underrated and under-appreciated in AC:III but they could do that perfectly, sum up his closest Assassin-affiliated relative's story, then go back to him. And it'd almost have the feel of Brotherhood because Connor will be in his prime, he'll be wiser, a better fighter, and hopefully he will have rebuilt the Brotherhood in the colonies. Though I think, because of the slight friendship you make with the French mercenary in AC:III, the next Connor game would be during the French Revolution, so another Europe game maybe? The Indian war would make perfect sense too though cause of Connor's Native American pride

Joe 5pts

It will be great game. But I hope the best for this game, just like a complex storyline of ezio, but pack it up in a one game. But I wonder who will be the next subject for edward memories? Because I thought desmond was dead in AC3 ending. And for some sugestion, why don't ubisoft use a chinesse asassin girl character (I forgot her name) in asassin's creed amber? So it will take a plot in asian region? Or if we want to still using desmond blodline, why don't we bring our assasin to go there.. To asia.. :)

RickyBobby 5pts

How much influence do the templars have on Edward. Are they all enemy's or are some contacts??

Umair Ansari
Umair Ansari 5pts

I cant understand how they will connect the story of black flag with assasins creed3???? Bcoz in ac3 haytham kenvay is templar !!! The how his father (adward kenvay ) becomes assasin???? In short y ubisoft taking story to the past .... for example y there is grandfather of connor is there in black flag instead of his SON and if edward kenway is assasin then why haytham is templar ??? Will any one tell me about this???

Will the Story of black flag connect to ac3?????

Stefan Micevski
Stefan Micevski 5pts

im wondering that what wil happen with desmond in AC 4 because in AC 3 at the end juno i think he killed him

Cayden 5pts

After reading, surprisingly Edward's story feels like it's going to be a pretty interesting development. I was initially very put off by the lack of a medieval and grand classical cities, and the continuation of trees and other non-AC1-AC2 content. But I have to admit, after watching the gameplay in the town of Havannah (was that right?), the architecture looks quite refreshingly interesting enough, and with Edward's story having great hints of potential, I might end up getting this game after all!

But can someone do something about multiplayer? I'm not sure what's wrong, but I can't find any games at all to join on the PC, in the Oceania region. It's like no one's playing AC3 at all!

Nanda 5pts

I think AC4 will be a great game. But I hope this Kenway will be cooler than Ezio. My brother and sister also play all of AC games, and we think Ezio is the coolest character so far. Everytime we talk about this game, the first thing comes out of our mind is Ezio, not Altair or Connor, it's like he really leave something in our mind to remember about this game. I don't know if it's just us or happens in all of you too. We hope Kenway will be greater than Ezio. But this is just our opinion, I know that AC4 will be a very cool game. And one more thing, we really love the naval mission in AC3!! Can't wait to play more in AC4. Greetings from Indonesia, and sorry for my bad english hehe.

Andrew 5pts

This looks incredible, I just hope my high hopes won't be the death of me.

Eric 5pts

A. how does the kenway fleet work is it mission only ability or will it operate like the assassin recruits of previous games . B. can there be a dlc aquila captained by robert faulkner or maybe by our good buddy achilles. C. will there be a free roaming around the abstergo facility where your abstergo catylist works maybe even having to walk to a cafe to trade info with other players and last but certainly not least as this is going to be during junos attempt to take over earth maybe we can see William Miles, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane break into the abstergo facility to steal the catylist's research near the end of the game in hopes of taking down juno.

Nate2366 5pts

Just wondering does anyone know about different outfits that edward could wear like ezios and altair robes in AC3 ?

Saif 5pts

AC:BF promises to be a great game! The whole ideea of free-world pirate Carribean just sounds awesome and I think we all agree that this will probably be the greatest game of the series so far. But lets take a step forward and ask ouselvs: might this be the great finale? I mean, ok, great AC4, but how about AC5 and 6? Even with AC4 i cant shake the feeling that the modern part will dissapoint, i hope i`m wrong, but i just have this feeling. And how will the story evolve, because AC needs a modern plot. I think Ubisoft needs to be very carefull with that. Introducing a new modern assassin might earn a Oscar award or might ruin the whole thing. And I think the future of gaming in general is freedom. Freedom to customize your character, and freedom to create your own path in the game. I know AC, in the historical part, cant leave a lot of freedom, but a bit more would certainly help. And thinking about locations for future AC... well, I dont know, US Civil War(i really hope the next will take place during the Civil War, it would be great), Colonial India or...Egypt during Napoleon`s Campaign would be nice to see. One last thing, if i made a mistake somewhere, sorry, English is not my native language!

PS: how aboud taking a step back in time? maybe the next AC will be in Roman Empire or Persian Empire!

Fisherr 5pts

It's interesting the direction and the approach the Ubisoft is taking this time, seems that Edward will be different from all of the others in terms of being able to decide which side he is on whenever he wants to. I am sure there will be a morale lesson for Edward across the line that makes him chooses the brotherhood for some reason. This could create the potential of having alternative endings based on what you do and how you do it.

I'd like to see young Haytham, that would be nice.

Gonz 5pts

Assassins Creed 3 was a good game, but fell short on many points. First, there's the bug that locks people up when trying to use the Homestead ledger for crafting and trading. It didn't happen to everyone, but if it did happen to you, no matter how many times you uninstall, reinstall, that bug was locked in. To this day, I have yet to be able to experience the "crafting" and "trading" aspect of the game because using it locked me up, and I would have to kill the game and restart it. Nearly a year in now, and 6 patches later, and STILL this issue is not fixed?That dropped the game quite a few points for me.

Second, and I think one of the bigger problems, was the voice acting. In the first part of the game, the voice acting, dialog, and script was great. The dialog kept you involved, The "attitude" that the voice actors, particularly the Hatham and Charls lee characters was supurb. The actors put the right ammount of "swagger" into the dialog, and it fit well. It worked. And the "Young" Connor was great too. The voice acting fit perfectly for a young kid, naive, inexperienced, but eager.

But then Connor grows up, and he begins speaking like a monotone, robotic John Boy Walton. The voice acting in the later parts of the game was borring, I found myself wishing I could rapid-smack the space bar to skip past it. The dialog scripting seemed "half done". Like someone was trying to piece in clever quips and witty responses by picking generic phrases out of a hat and plugging them in, not because they fit, but because they needed some "audio-filler" at this point.

A little tip Ubisoft... If you want to convey a sense of patriotism and awe through dialog, it's probably best not to have a voice actor that has only 1 tone, and speaks like a mormon trying to lull a crowd into a hypnotic state. You want an actor that's going to raise his voice, and really make the audience feel and hear the emotion the scene is trying to capture. Not some choir-boy softly telling the audience "Yes, I know this is an exciting moment, but your eyes are getting heavy, at the count of three you will be asleep..."

I mean come on, Connor was on a BATTLEFIELD! He's trying to rally the men into commiting GREAT DEEDS! How come your voice actor sounded like he was talking to kindergardeners in a library at nap time?

Then Ubisoft put in the naval aspect. I kind of flinched when I first heard about that. I know, I know, the revolutionary war did have a "Naval" side. I'm not knocking any of that. On the contrary, I am a Naval veteran myself. I joined the Navy. But be honest, when you think of the Revolutionary War, Naval ships, and combat at sea is not the first image in your head. It's cannons, infantry, musket battles, etc.

But then I got to the Naval Missions in the game, and after the first combat experience (Right after buying your guns at Martha's Vinyards) I litterally giggled like a little school-girl (frightening image considering I'm a 46 year old male, ex Navy, and look like your mothers worst idea of a trucker) and immediately though "Man, the people at Ubi-Soft will get rich if they use THIS game feature in an open world pirate game. After a few more of the Naval Missions, my next thought was "Curse you Ubisoft for NOT INCLUDING MORE NAVAL MISSIONS!"

The Naval mission immediately because my favorite part of the game, and there were far too few missions, and they didn't go far enough with the Naval aspect. I understand that this game was NOT solely about Naval combat, but I felt they left an incredible part of the game severly uncompleted.

Which leads me to Black Flag. I was extremely pleased when I saw that Ubisoft seems to have recognized what a jewell they created in one of their games, and did the sensible thing to take that small section of a good game and expand it to create a product that, for once, may actually surpass it's predecessor. Far too many companies in both the gamming and movie industry stick to the industry standard. That is, they come up with a great concept, make a slightly above average product out of it, and then try to milk it by make sequal after sequal, each steadily worse than the previous.

I have to say, Ubisoft wised up and told the Industry to shove it's "standard" up it's collective butts and listened to it's CUSTOMERS and did something right.

Let's hope they can raise the bar on the TECHNICAL side as well, and fix tech issues rather than letting broken mechanics remain broken nearly a year, and 6 patches later.

You score a 3 out of 5 on AC3 Ubisoft...

But on Black Flag, if you deliver on your promise, You should have a solid 5 of 5, and a jewell worthy of any royal crown.

DeathArmy42 5pts

i wish i wasnt as hiped about this game as i am. reason being is if my expectations are to high, the game will really suck. not because of the game, but because i would have thought so highly of it and a glich screws it up. thats what happened for me with AC3 great game, but when i played it it felt like it lacked something huge compared to ACB And ACR. ACR i cried because it was so moving and perfect. but AC3 the ending just felt rushed. And choppy with Desmond. and i know it was ment to be the end of he world but it didnt really pull on my heart strings like all he past games did. Desmond was like Do it baby then bam the end.

Ocelot 5pts

One more suggestion please. Give the player a choice on single or dual wielding of weapons in Assassin's Creed IV. I sometimes like to single wield a weapon instead of just automatically dual wielding weapons all the time.

Ocelot 5pts

Please, can Ubisoft consider making an Assassin's Creed game set in medieval times or ancient Rome? I would really love to see an assassin character using a shield and sword in battle.

Ocelot 5pts

MUST READ: Also, please give Edward the ability to either decide to holster or drop a weapon. This gives the player a choice on which weapons he wishes to carry. I hate it when I disarm an enemy and I'm forced to holster their swords or axes even when I don't want to just because I don't have a weapon holstered there.

Ocelot 5pts

Please about the game play, I would really love to see Edward holstering up to three melee weapons. His swords on his waist as they already are and a heavy weapon on his back....I hate holstering heavy weapons on the character's waist because it's discomforting to his flexible movement in a realistic sense and it just doesn't look good. PLEASE UBISOFT, ENSURE THIS HAPPENS!!!

MonkeyDongs 5pts

I would have to believe that they are all the same. Linage blood line. Becouse every assassin we've had so far in the main games have had the the exact scar or cut on thief right upper lip. Ezio git it when he was a teenager in the beginning of AC2 and I saw it many times on Desmond. I walk believe I saw it on Altair, but I am not sure about Connor. I beileve that this shows that even tho they are in diffrrant time periods, they are all in the same blood line and linage.

Tyler Kess
Tyler Kess 5pts

assassin's creed 4 black flag will be great

Masood 5pts

I look forward to this game. It seems to have a fascinating storyline, I just hope the gameplay feels new and unique, and it's not just a repolished version of AC3. I hope the map is huge. It may be a little too soon to say, but I'm already hyped up for what's going to happen with Edward and for what's going to happen next, like after Black Flag. My guess is that, considering Edward's distinctive personality in contrast to Connor, he might actually get a second game, considering the possibilities, and the amount of AC games Ubisoft is working on this very moment! I am very excited, and can't wait.


Lukas 5pts

I already see it:

AC IV: BF - alternate timeline DLC

What would have happened if Edward had joined the Templar Order?

Elizabeth 5pts

So....I know this game will be awesome , because assassins creed is awesome :D

And i was really happy about Edward being Blond (you know girly stuff)

And I hope we see Mr. little Haytham :)

Robis Doyal
Robis Doyal 5pts

All I saw was possible content of what gave Haytham that stick up his rear end.

Josh 5pts

Hey Ubisoft. I'm torn to whether I should get this of Watch Dogs, they both look so awesome! Anyways, I have a question. Will the player be able to go into the Jackdaw? Like walk around the lower deck(s)?

casey ferrari
casey ferrari 5pts

@isaac Dude, not all games are all about choices and whether or not you can make them. Some of  them just tell a great story. Get over it.

RedX 5pts

I totally agree! I suggested that to ubisoft. But that never replied! They should have it be Connors son and have the mother be the woman in liberation because she is super hot and Connor mustn't die a virgin!

Mike 5pts

There are a couple confirmed pirate outfits, one costing Uplay points and the other being a pre order bonus, aside from that i dunno

Steve 5pts

Well in the second game it takes place in Rome with the Ezio trilogy. But a medieval Assassins Creed game would be awesome!

Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva 5pts

I agree with you. Sometimes i just want to fight with my hidden blades. WITHOUT MY SWORDS ON THE HOLSTER

Jexx 5pts

No, what's special about Desmond is that he's a rarity. The only reason why Abstergo was chasing only after Desmond rather than also his father is because Desmond is one of the only people with so many TWCB-rich DNA lines in him. The scar means nothing, and scars don't even transfer down genetically, they aren't part of the genetic code. Altair had the scar in AC1, but that's because they just took Desmond's model and put him in Altair's robes. Ezio got his scar due to a thrown rock, but it's just a coincidence. Connor doesn't have the scar, nor does Haytham, and nor does Edward.

Jexx 5pts

Edward's pirate career should actually be resolved in this single game, and I believe that his pirate career would be the most interesting part of his story. I think that the next game will be a Connor game, also carrying on with the title of "Assassin's Creed IV" but with an added subtitle. I'm willing to wager that the game will take place in the period of the Northwest Indian War, which took place from 1785-1795, in the Northwest Territory which consisted of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and other states from that general area.

They have said that Black Flag will contain memories from some of the other Assassins. Aveline de Grandpre (protagonist of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the PSVita) will have three missions exclusive to the Playstation platforms. There will be DLC containing memories of Edward's first mate, Adewale. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Haytham or Connor memories be unlockable in Black Flag. And if I'm right about the next AC being a Connor game, I wouldn't be surprised if there are Haytham and Edward memories in that game.

Janae 5pts

That would be great! You know there's a confirmed Single-Player DLC where you play as Edward's first mate Adewale? That will be awesome.

RedX 5pts

Dude totally? How did that Templar bastard become the father of a badass assassin like Connor with that sexy Pocahontas?!

Jordan 5pts

You will be able to go in the captains chamber, but not below the deck.

filip 5pts

It is comfirmed that you atleast have your own captains cabin. It will work as the cellar of Connor in his house, and Ezioes diffrent houses. Content of weapons clothing, maps and so on.

Kari 5pts

It's highly likely! I will admit that I was a tad bit disappointed when I found out we weren't able to explore the entirety of the Aquila, but given the fact that this game revolves ENTIRELY around piracy and isn't restricted to just naval missions, then I'd say the chances are outstanding in the very least! God, I hope so. Among my friends, I was the only one who really enjoyed the naval missions back in AC3 xD They were great. And plus, how often do we get video games about pirates, right?

Redx 5pts

Dude that already happened! That's where Altair was

jordy 5pts

AC1 is in medieval age.. arround the year 1100 or something, so altair is living in the medieval age

RedX 5pts

I'm telling you connor is the father in case you didn't know because she is heck a friggin sexay!

Josh 5pts

I hope your right. After going over every scene featuring the Jackdaw in the trailers and E3 demo it looks to be an absent feature. IDK, maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. What I'm thinking is that the Jackdaw is sort of like a moving homestead. You can change weapons, change outfits, upgrade your ship and hopefully sleep in the Captains Quarters, then go below deck and chat to your crew. That would be awesome! If a Captains Quarters and a Second Deck are confirmed I'd probably preorder it.

Pablo 5pts

That would be awesome. I know that in AC3 the Aquila isn't explorable, but the Providence is, including the lower decks and the captain's quarters, so we know Ubisoft knows how to do it. If not, for me, it would be a bit dissapointing.

Greetings from Spain (and sorry for my english)

Assassino 5pts

Yes ,you can go under deck. I heard that in an interview with Ashraf ,I think.