New Avatar Game Spearheaded by Division Developer Massive

The deadly moon of Pandora, along with its resident Na’vi, will soon be back in the spotlight thanks to a partnership between Ubisoft, Lighstorm Entertainment, and Fox Interactive. And Massive Entertainment, the minds behind The Division, will be the ones to take you there. The new game will return PC and console players to the … Continued


For Honor – What the Development Team Learned From the Closed Alpha

For Honor’s recent closed alpha yielded glorious victories, heartbreaking defeats, and a mountain of feedback. Members of the development team have been poring over all the information gathered during the long weekend and they’re already hard at work refining, balancing, and readying For Honor for the next step. In the video below, producer Stephane Cardin … Continued


Ghost Recon Wildlands – Nighttime Infiltration Walkthrough Features Stealth Tactics

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you have the freedom to use tactics that suit the way you want complete your missions. To help illustrate that freedom, the latest co-op walkthrough presents a nighttime variation of the El Pozolero mission showcased at E3, giving the Ghosts an opportunity to utilize stealth under the cover of darkness and … Continued


The Crew – Why It’s Time to Rediscover the Open Road

As an open-world street-racing RPG with the entire US as its setting, The Crew was a wildly ambitious achievement in 2014, and it’s gotten even better since its release. In addition to delivering a huge, always-online experience with missions that could be played solo or in co-op, its first year brought the Wild Run expansion … Continued