Anno: Build an Empire Announced

The free-to-play Anno experience is coming to the iPad. In collaboration with Mi’pu’mi Games, Blue Byte has rebuilt the strategic city-building title from the ground up in order to perfect it for your mobile device. Begin your journey with a handful of peasants and one island before growing and creating your very own empire. Manage your numerous resources and buildings – each of which has its own special trait – and keep your citizens happy, healthy and prosperous.

Anno: Build an Empire Announced

Build taverns to keep your people relaxed. Build them homes to keep them safe. Become a master of industry and rule over your empire. Create additional islands and keep trade flowing with your neighbors to help support your economy.

In addition to the strategic solo elements, you’ll be able to challenge your friends thanks to the social elements brought forward from previous Anno games. Grab Anno: Build an Empire soon when it hits the App Store. You’ll need to have an iPad 2 or higher and at least iOS6, plus an internet connection.

Anno: Build an Empire Announced

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Charles 5pts

I fully support the statements made above but taking it a step further: I simply don't acquire ANY F2P game any more, how tempting the game may be. Too many times I've been frustated by these greedy attempts of developers trying to make money like farmers milking cows!


mudd 5pts

Anno Online sucks. This game will suck. Come on get rid of these stupid free to play games

Ove 5pts

Free to play!? Stop making these shitty F2P games of great franchises! Make reall AAA games! Btw, Anno Online is really bad... i've tried it.


well, this sucks... Another game riddled with micro transactions... You know I'm not buying anything... let alone downloading the app...

Badman 5pts

Oh dear god Ubisoft, I found out a new Anno game was coming to the iPad and I must say that a refreshment came over me; to think I'd now be able to just play a city building game. But oh no; you went and did it again didn't you.. 'Free to play', I am now cursing the day this is released and hope that your constant F2P harassment sees your company eventually crumble.

Ravi 5pts

I bought rubies 3 times through apple store on my iPad mini and still haven't received them. Concerned.

JB 5pts

PLEASE no free to play! Anno is a game GAMERS WANT TO BUY! We don't need more Clash of Clans or Hay Day timer-based games. We want a REAL game! Let us pay $10 for it-- and be done with all the other nonsense!

Groks 5pts

IAP can be used unobtrusively, like with opt-in content expansions. I'd pay $30US for a high-quality iOS game without IAC, and it sounds like I'm not alone.

Balrog from the Pits
Balrog from the Pits 5pts

Awww... shucks! Yet another quality title rendered unplayable with IAP??? Timers, currencies, linear objectives, just close your eyes and press next, next, next, spend crystals, wait, wait, wait.

What happened to real gameplay? Does Anno really deserve to suffer the same fate as other classics that were destroyed forever?

Nozzy 5pts

God Ubisoft, for crying out loud, don't make it F2P, i'd happily pay a premium for a game like this with no IAP, like I have done with a bunch of other quality premium priced games out there...

Dennis 5pts

Free to play with IAP : no thanks

AmesCG 5pts

Ubi, by launching this as another "free-to-play . . . experience," you're making a huge mistake.

As a gaming platform, iOS is notably bereft of high-quality city-building games. With the exception of the mediocre SimCity port, and a few others, the only games that provide something close to a city-building experience are plagued by free-to-play "microtransactions" that, in the experience of the majority of customers and reviewers, render them unplayable without spending $25.00 - $50.00. That's a prohibitive price tag for this platform, especially considering that even if the customer drops $99.99 on the "game," the management of microtransactions and "premium currency" remain a constant detractor from actual gameplay.

Into this environment, which has netted near-constant bad press for the producers of other freemium building disasters like "Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile" and "Dungeon Keeper Mobile," you propose to release a product with the same pricing plan the market has already rejected. How do you expect this is going to play out??

Here's what I foresee. Even if "Anno: Build an Empire" eventually nets greater profits than a premium-priced/no-IAP iteration would have -- a dangerous assumption indeed, given that you'll have to vie for market-share with the many, many other IAP-driven citybuilders already available -- along the way you'll catch further bad reviews in the gaming press, alienate long-time players of the Anno brand, and tarnish that brand irrevocably.

At this juncture, you have the option, to, instead, release an IAP-free, premium priced game ($7.99 - $9.99) that duplicates Anno's award-winning gameplay, without the constant intrusion and irritation of microtransactions. Such a release would compete against precisely zero other premium-priced citybuilders, draw accolades (if well-executed) from a gaming press weary of freemium titles, and cement your niche in the market.

Of course, the choice is yours. But from my perspective, it seems fairly clear.

Shaddix 5pts

No no no no, not F2P :(

I'de love to pay +20 euros for a full game without IAP. Why doesn't any publisher get that?

seb 5pts

please no free 2 play not with anno. for a full game for ios i would pay 20 euros.

i want to pay for a game not for a new ship or some tools ...

An Nguyen
An Nguyen 5pts

Why F2P? I rather pay to buy the whole game than F2P!

Nic 5pts

Why on Apple? When is it coming to Android and WP ?

Ashley 5pts

So are you planning on filling this full of IAPs that ruin the experience? No one wants these free to wait games, please go back to building quality experiences that you actually deserve money for.

gosenbach 5pts

Very well said!

Point being that yes, you could and very well might make a little more money in the short term with the F2P strategy, but it a loser in the long term. There are many who would pay top dollar for this as a premium app. I feel that the "race to the bottom" is over and there is now plenty of space in the mobile market for well made premium priced games in the $10-$20 range. It is becoming more common that the mobile market app is price matched to the PC counterpart and all that seems to be going very well for developers. Please back out and change your model before it is too late!

Charles 5pts

Seriously though, there are $10 games I've bought and have been happy with. I'd rather pay TEN DOLLARS and get no micro transactions than get a free game and pay ONE DOLLAR on in-game currency regrettably, just so I can have a decent game.