Trials of the Blood Dragon – 5 Things We Love

Blending together two of Ubisoft’s goofiest franchises, Trials of the Blood Dragon is simultaneously a showcase for oddball vehicular stunt racing and a narrative sequel to the greatest Far Cry game ever to feature the voice of Michael Biehn. A colorful, compact experience, there’s a lot to love about Trials of the Blood Dragon – … Continued


The Division Underground Expansion Now Available on Xbox One, PC

Underground, the first paid expansion for The Division, is now available on Xbox One and PC. In this expansion, Division Agents will travel beneath the streets of Manhattan to take out the enemy factions lurking in the dark, dangerous, and randomly generated dungeons represented by a mixture of the city’s subways, sewers, and tunnels. In … Continued


Steep – How You’ll Go From Scrub to Ski Legend

Combining winter action sports with open-world freedom, Steep is a downhill thrill ride that lets players carve their own paths through the Alps with skis, snowboards, wingsuits, and paragliders. With all that freedom, though, what will progression be like? What can you do besides explore a mountain at high speeds? As it turns out, exploration … Continued